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Chaplain CAPR 265-1 or 80-1?

Started by Dad Jokes, December 21, 2019, 11:23:28 pm

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Dad Jokes

Our Chaplain is having some difficulty getting his promotion through the chain.  It was getting kicked back saying it needed done differently.  I am on the tail end of this and do not have all the details but it sounds like they sent it right to NHQ?

Hes due to be promoted to Major and I found him CAPR 35-5 that had an attachment from this month.  I would expect that to be the correct one.  But he asked me to help him find a recent version of 265-1 and when searching for that I see that it has been or is being changed to 80-1.  I am assuming 80-1 is not active because I can not find it anywhere. 

I am just trying to help him move his paperwork correctly if anyone can help point us in the right direction.


All chaplain promotions after the initial appointment must be requested through channels (unit - group -wing) and aren't sent directly to NHQ.

There are two ways a chaplain may be eligible for major.

1. Have earned a doctoral degree in ministry and have at least one year TIG as captain.

2. Have completed Level 4 in the PD program and four years TIG as captain. To get Level 4, one needs a Master rating. For chaplains that would be completing CAPP 221C.

CAPR 265-1 has not yet been replaced by CAPR 80-1, but I suspect that it won't be too long now.

Dad Jokes

Looks like hes had the grade for 18 months and the doctorate for about 20.

Dad Jokes

I think I just asked the right question.  When the paperwork was sent a copy of the doctorate was not sent so it got kicked back.  I guess no one knew it was sent back and they just sent it back to wing yesterday.  So this seems to have already been fixed and hes just now looking for an updated 265-1.

Sorry, it's been a long day of O-Flights and milestone tests.  Everyone passed too.