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Fit size: Tactical Golf Shirt

Started by mikethebro, December 17, 2019, 07:52:41 pm

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i'm hoping to get this shirt (https://www.vanguardmil.com/products/civil-air-patrol-uniform-tactical-golf-shirt-with-seal-male?variant=44698730255) but I notice the small has a chest size of 41". My chest is about a 35, which seems to be the 'small' for most shirts.

Has anybody bought this shirt in small? does it run really large?
Michael Ward
2d Lt, CA Sq 156


I found that the sizes tend to run small.  I'd suggest going a size larger.




For me, I have a 32" chest and I had to tailor my polo in on the sides by about 2 inches on both sides and had to get the sleeves brought up by about an inch. 
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I usually wear an XL in non-CAP polos, got an XL in this tactical polo and it fits pretty much the same as non-CAP polos. 

I have 2 of the same size and they both fit fine.  I always hear they run small so my experience seems to be an outlier.

Paul Creed III

Mine seems to fit like most other non-CAP polos.
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I'm a size 38 chest/coat and the small fits me fine. It's a little big, in fact.