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Processing Service Ribbons

Started by jb3, November 15, 2019, 02:00:46 am

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I've been in CAP for nearly three decades and am overall impressed with eServices. With that said, why do we still use CAP Form 2As to process service ribbons such as recruiter, community service, etc? You can add previously authorized ribbons so I know that there is a place for the awards in eServices. The problem is that you have to submit the awards to be added yourself. The commander, admin officer, personnel officer, etc can't add them. CAP has come a long way and I think that this is one way that we can ease some of the admin burden on commanders and staff. And the online method ensures accountability because you can see where the award is sitting rather than trying to find a piece of paper that passes through numerous hands.

Just my personal opinion. I am overall impressed with eServices so this isn't a critique of the system in general. Just a recommendation.

Any other methods that squadrons use to make sure service ribbons are processed and tracked properly?