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kerbal Space Program 2

Started by Kayll'b, November 04, 2019, 06:49:59 pm

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Not sure how many people play KSP. After seeing the trailer for the second one I really want to buy it...
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We play it extensively here in the Spam household (with the oldest two Spamlets now honors engineering students). My oldest (ME/Physics minor) started playing KSP when it was first released and is now working on orbital RTG designs on a NASA UARC grant... his prof was surprised to find an undergrad who knew what an RTG was and how they operate.

So, agreed Kayll'b, it looks good and I want to get it also. While they may have spent a lot of time on the graphics, I'd like to see if they've finally fixed the non representative aero models and some of the physics glitches.  The asymmetrical thrust model interactions with atmospheric density really need fixing (non constant Q factor). Yet, its a great intro to vehicle design and the basics of orbital mechanics. I used it to teach my guys how to illustrate limited three body problems and basic Hohmann transfer orbital equations.