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Can a Vice CAC Rep wear the shoulder cord


Only the primary representative for the squadron can wear the shoulder cord. The alternate cannot.


Quote from: bearrrrrrr on October 12, 2019, 07:58:54 pm
Can a Vice CAC Rep wear the shoulder cord

Are you talking about the alternate to a primary representative, or the vice chair at a particular level? For the former, no. For the latter, yes.

Quote from: CAPR 60-17.2.5.CAC  Officers.    The  CAC  will  have  a  cadet  chair  and  a  vice  chair  and/or  recorder.  The  echelon  commander may appoint cadets to these positions or allow the council to fill them through elections.

7.7.Awards.  During their term of office, primary representatives and CAC officers may wear a shoulder cord  (see  Table  7.1).
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