Cadet of the year nominations at the squadron level

Started by SueB, October 12, 2019, 07:32:20 pm

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What are best practices/procedures for nominating cadets for the Cadet of the Year? Each year we ask the Cadet Commander, and other cadet staff to nominate cadets for Cadet and NCO of the Year. They give oral recommendations to our Commander for Cadets. Do any squadrons have a more formal procedure or form they use?


1. Have them write down their nomination with reasons why these cadets stand out among the others. Being the only Cadet Officer is not a reason. 
2. The nominators must have guidelines for their choice.
3. Is this an internal award or will it be forwarded to a higher HQ for Wing, Region, or National COY? If so, use the guidelines set by the higher HQ.
4. Have Senior Member input. Seniors have access to information that the Cadet Chain of Command doesn't
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Do you use a Cadet of the Month or Quarter? That will provide a good start. Total the points for the year. Your COY may not have won COM/Q, but may have been in the top 3 each month/quarter.


Quote from: MSG Mac on October 12, 2019, 10:30:20 pm
Being the only Cadet Officer is not a reason. 

This x 1000

Just because you exist doesn't mean you're the top candidate. What does it show when the only eligible person receives the award?

If it's a squadron award, maybe do an off-hand/abnormal award that you don't generally present (i.e., instead of "Cadet Officer of the Year" when you have only one cadet officer do an award for outstanding performance as a cadet officer).

You may want to consider your top unit's cadet receiving an Achievement Award so it's something more than just a made-up certificate at home. The Achievement Award at least goes on their eServices profile.