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Marching with Handbags?

Started by GaryVC, September 13, 2019, 09:29:42 pm

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A photo from an encampment in 1969 (Alpena MI?) recently appeared on a friend's Facebook page.  In it the female cadets are marching with handbags. I dimly recall the handbags but I can't recall female cadets ever marching with them. I looked at the only photos have have from that period (in a "daybook" from the 1965 California Wing encampment) and there are no handbags to be seen. A regional thing perhaps?



I clearly recall female cadets wearing white gloves and carrying matching black AF purses. I have a photo or two here somewhere of CAP women and cadets posing with white gloves and purses. I have lots of photos of females cadets wearing white gloves in formation. But nary a photo of them in formation nor marching with black purses.
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So, does anyone else feel like a Lana Del Rey song should be playing while reading this flashback thread...?

Ah, civilization.