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Need Assistance

Started by Ranger75, September 01, 2019, 03:36:39 pm

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Need an assist in getting eServices to recognize trainee status for a specific achievement.  Background - Prior to a break in membership, I earned multiple quals up to and including IC3.  These quals expired during the lapse in membership.  Since returning to the fold, I find that eServices recognizes the expired quals and reflects that I'm in trainee status for each requiring the completion of  advanced tasks and an evaluated sortie/mission to regain active status.  My 101 also shows trainee status.  This holds true for all the past quals except PSC.  When I open ops quals "view worksheet" for PSC, it brings up an appropriate renewal SQTR.  In the upper right corner, where all the other quals have a box that shows expired (red) and training (yellow) status, PSC has a single line that says "(Intial active qual)" with the dates the qual was first earned and then expired.  How do I get eServices to recognize trainee status for PSC and show the same on my 101?    With a possible deployment coming in the wake of the hurricane I would like to get this straight beforehand.  Thank


Should just need to do the commander's approval to start the training I think. It should allow it.
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I wish it was so.  The Commander's approval block shows a date from the original qual many a year ago.  It will not permit updating.  The only thing subject to change on the SQTR is the grayed out advance tasks required to requalify.