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Unit Citation award submission

Started by Color Guard Rifleman, August 19, 2019, 12:44:27 am

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Color Guard Rifleman

I've been trying to nominate my unit for a Unit Citation but can't seem to use the right wording or examples. I haven't submitted it yet, only asked my Unit Commander of it would be approved by word of mouth, all "attempts" have failed. What would you recommend that I add to the submission for it to be approved? Quality Cadet Unit? Milestone Achievements?
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So this one was never actually submitted?


To be seriously considered, you need to cite ways in which your unit has performed over and above
units of a similar type, scale, and scope, and the time frame should be in excess of 12 months.

QCUA? No. Multi-year QCUA?  Maybe.

O-Rides?  No.  More O-rides then any unit in the state? Yes.

Unique growth?  Yes.

Overcome a myriad of challenges in regards to location, staffing, Thanos snap?  Maybe.

Unfortunately, as a cadet, you do not have the access to the kind of information you would need for this
without senior member help, probably by your CC or CDs.

As advice, UCCs are difficult to push through, as they have to be approved all the way the NHQ,
and unless you have real senior support, it's not going to happen. 

If you want to have a legit, honest conversation about whether this would fly, engage your Unit CC and Group CC
on the same call and discuss what you already have, and why you think your unit deserves it. 

YOu've got to have at least the Group CC (or higher) on board, with out him, it's dead before it starts.


Quote from: arajca on August 19, 2019, 12:52:24 am
This guide may help: Awards Made Easy.

That's a helpful guide and not just for CAP Awards. Thanks for posting it.
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