USAFA Prep School Nomination

Started by bravomom, May 29, 2019, 09:09:41 pm

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Has anyone received the CAP nomination for USAFA Prep School yet for this year?

We're still waiting to hear about CAP scholarships too.



The names of cadets recommended for USAFA Preparatory were announced today. The list says "When appointment is made name will be highlighted." What does that mean? There are no highlighted names. Does that mean there are no appointments this year?


No, it means that USAFA Prep hasn't made the appointments yet. Once the appointments are made, the names of the appointed cadets will be highlighted.
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Remember USAFA does not guarantee a spot for Prep School. It is only if one is available. It's so late already (about a month away) that there may not be one this year. We'll see!


It is very late! Fingers crossed!


I have had two cadets get theirs super late. One was pulled from AIT and one was told immediately after his basic training graduation and put on a plane to Colorado Springs.

Any update?