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Can't buy ABUs on base

Started by GaryVC, March 13, 2019, 09:22:12 pm

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You know I'm right, and that point isn't specifically about "cadet outerwear", but you knew that too.

It's about the hot mess the regs are, they way they are (and are not enforced), and all the
collateral damage that is caused by same.



Treating Safety as a "get out of jail" card to excuse the lack of due diligence at the NHQ level in terms of doing the necessary staff work to provide a road map to an affordable, effective uniform, reduces Safety to a punch line. A figurative, meaningless "because because" argument. Yes, I feel "trope" is a proper term for your intentional suggestion that commanders and activity officers knowingly ignore a key CAP regulation rather than adhere to regs and demand accountable performance from NHQ, because you're reducing Safety to a buzz word, an excuse, a meaningless figurative term. You are crying "Wolf". Following your loose approach I might as well ignore commanders term limits next because I think officer A is safer than B. I might as well say that six hours sleep is good enough for encampment cadets, or twelve flight hours straight for aircrew is ok, based on my safety assessment. Where does this stop?

In the end, you (and the NHQ CP staff) pushed an apparently conflicting regulatory paragraph through and are doubling down on continuing to support eye rolling/winking at the previously approved 39-1 you already knew was clear on this issue (while so, so broken on so many other issues).  That causes conflict in that you are eroding unity of command, you are eroding confidence in the integrity of the system, and you are opening the door by extension to second guessing and disregard of the entirety of our regulatory structure. You've shown contempt for the process and the product. Reprehensible.

But again, back to our main point: we'd hardly be here discussing the endorsement of cheats around the lack of USAF-style compliant outerwear (and the approaching debacle of the near total absence of ABUs) were there a sufficient focus at NHQ on planning out a sane, sensible uniform road map that was harmonized with our USAF customer, and was gamed out with our entry-level cadet and SM customers in mind.

PS, why would USAF ever approve the wear of OCPs by CAP, when they can read our own national leaders publicly stating that its ok to break uniform regs and wear it however we want? Boy, that's a winning strategy to make a case for trust in our integrity...



I think we are way off topic here... closed for cleaning.

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