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Editing the New Websites

Started by etodd, February 27, 2019, 03:00:19 am

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So in the layout section, is the NEWS FEED permanent or can it be disabled? These are suppose to be local websites. I'd be happy to add a link to the national website for anyone wanting to see national news. But this non-local news feed is slapped right in the middle of the page.

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Depending on your permissions and access; you can completely disable the built in home page and make up your own that looks any way you want.  You can also edit these 'content boxes' to your hearts content - within the scope of the cms.

I don't mind the national info on my site... I have much work to do still; only 67 pages of content (lol) is our old domain... redirects you to

*Yes my site is too large and I'll be shrinking it down as soon as I have time to move some content to our Group and possibly Wing sites I should be able to remove 20 or more pages.  Much of it is continuity information for squadron leadership and various PD officers.

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