How Many Forum Members are Part 107 sUAS?

Started by etodd, February 15, 2019, 01:07:47 am

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How Many Forum Members are Part 107?

I possess a Part 107 sUAS certificate.
I am studying for a Part 107 certificate.
I plan to in the future.
No interest in flying but maybe involved in other ways.
Not interested.


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How to become a Part 107 sUAS Pilot:

Here are the basic steps via the FAA. Please note, there are two paths. One path for an existing Part 61 pilot, and another path for a non-pilot.:
MS - MO - AP - MP - FRO - ESO

sUAS MP - sUAS Instructor - sUAS Check Pilot


Completed my Part 107 requirements and submitted for verification and licensure back in December, still waiting for the addition. As of this evening, it looks the like Gov will remain open for another day - so hopefully I'll get the new certificate in the next few months...

For context, I've never operated a sUAS, nor is it a major interest of mine, but I thought it would be good to keep abreast the latest developments and get certified now, so I can help out with CAP's sUAS operations as they develop. Already having a pilot certificate, the abbreviated Part 107 course took me like 2 hours, and another hour to do IACRA and meet my CFI.
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I'd like to do it, but right now I don't see the usefulness of it, especially given the pain of going through the process and having to take a test to renew every 2 years (I'm part 61, but not current on my flight review and given recent ear equalization issues may never be current again).  Maybe if drones were actually available locally I would expend the effort though.


The FAA has an NPRM that, if accepted, will convert the 24 monthly retest into a 24 monthly knowledge review. There are a bunch of other interesting things in it about night flight and flight over people too.