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Drone/UAV/UAS/sUAS Update?

Started by etodd, February 09, 2019, 03:42:11 am

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Lots of conjecture about future AF missions, but we, and probably Hqds are still on a "need to know basis" for future plans.

Bottom line is that there are a few dozen DJI P4Ps and Android tablets being programmed as we speak, that will be used in next month's training sessions (at MGM) with the first 10 Wings, which were chosen by the AF, not CAP.

These folks will go back to their Wings and start teaching their Part 107 pilots how to use use the hardware and software.

Then the next batch of Wings will do the same, rinse, repeat until we have a nationwide network of sUAS Mission Pilots and Technicians (Visual Observers).

After we have this nationwide network and have proven ourselves  ... maybe ... we can only assume ... that bigger and better hardware will come along as Mission capability demands.

The only thing for us .... as good little civilian volunteers .... is to either join in the program ... or not.  You decide. ;)
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