LEVEL IV RSC alternatives in eServices

Started by careyhead, January 17, 2019, 12:02:36 pm

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I have a CAPT who went to Inspector General College in lieu of RSC, but that information is not recorded in the PD AWARD ENTRY section of eServices. Has anyone dealt with this before? How do I get that course credited properly?

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f. CAP equivalent courses to RSC. Several courses may be used as equivalents to RSC when completing Level IV. RSC credit for these courses is not automatic and must be requested through NHQ/DPR. Details about these courses are listed in paragraphs 6-4 through 6-8. The following is a list of equivalents: (1) National Legal Officers' College (2) CAP Inspector General College (3) Chaplain Corps Region Staff College (must complete 2 Colleges within 5 years for credit) (4) AP Safety Officer College

Contact Bobbie Tourville at NHQ. The Alternative courses are not automatically credited, but must be requested. CAPM 50-17.6.3.f
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just scan the certificate and email it to lmmeforms@capnhq.gov with a capid
attn DP, note it's for level 4
it'll probably be done same business day