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Red Service Ribbon

Started by LeeWilon, September 13, 2018, 01:50:42 pm

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According to NY Wing guidelines, the awarding authority for the Red Service Ribbon is the Group Commander. We have to fill out a 2A, have it approved by the squadron commander, who then submits it to the group commander. After it is approved by the the group commander, you can then enter it into eservices under prior service ribbons, and once the squadron commander approves the request, it will show up in eservices.

What's the logic behind that?

I would imagine the feeling is it's easier then involving wing, but why it's not delegated down to the unit level, as is
the case with many (most?) wings, is probably as much a "NYWG thing" as anything.

With all a Group CC has to deal with, I can't imagine being bothered or interested in self-actualizing service ribbons
no one would deny.


Maybe the Personnel Officer doesn't like the Group CC, and wants to give him writers cramp.
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The writer's cramp is a great answer. But when the Personnel Officer and the Group Personnel Officer object, you still have to do the 2a route...

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