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April 22, 2019, 08:08:32 AM
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Author Topic: That emergency services patch  (Read 2081 times)
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« Reply #20 on: August 23, 2018, 09:03:28 PM »

In Florida Wing we have to limit the number of FRO's due to the limitations of how many FRO's can be assigned to missions in WIMRS.

Assigned where?  In the sorties themselves?

I'd still like to know where these FROs are "assigned".

FROs are "appointed" in eservices, and then they are FROs wherever they go
without Wing boundaries, just like every other ES qual.

Where does this limitation in WMIRS pop up?

Sorry Eclipse, I didn't see the question!

The WIMRS limitations really only affects 3 wings. WIMRS only allows 55 FROs on a single mission (I double checked since I believed it to be 50). For O-flight and annual B missions, or Wing Misc missions particularly in those 3 wings, it can add up quickly especially when some FRO's may also be pilots on those missions. For example, the current FLWG O-flight mission number currently has 548 members signed in. Some wings don't even have that many people in them! Now not all of them are FRO's. After a quick reference on the mission and the master list, there are 44 currently signed in. That leaves us 11. Now lets say I'm not signed in, but I decided to sign in as a TMP (and I am an FRO for the wing). That brings it to 45 and 10 more slots.

Most wings don't have that issue, so in essence, you are correct. Once you're an appointed FRO you can be an FRO anywhere and on any mission, but within the logistical boundaries of those wings, they limit and look at everyone for what is needed vs what the current list is.

It used to be that the IC could select which FRO's he/she wanted on their mission, but now (at least in my wing) there is a master list that is pulled from. If we want to add an FRO, we have to remove someone who currently has it, so we look at who hasn't released any sorties in a while and cut where we need. This helps when we have someone come up and start working on AOBD or etc. As of right now there are 3392 members in FLWG. But for something like IN or ILWG that has far fewer people, even the annual missions wouldn't max out the FRO limit because there just isn't that much manpower. I think INWG has maybe 8-9 aircraft?

Add in SFRO's and it becomes even more important.
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CAP Talk  |  General Discussion  |  Uniforms & Awards  |  Topic: That emergency services patch

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