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18" ruler

Started by Picy3, June 12, 2018, 08:29:09 am

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Canteen? We didn't get no stinking canteens.

How does one use a canteen to accomplish hospital corners?

The quick answer is that you use it to hold the mattress up, and sheets in place when you're folding,
but it more complicated / easier then that - when you see it, you're like "of course!".

I have a video of a PO making one (before the recently changed style where the blanket is folded
instead of on top of the sheets), but it's not released for public use (I also have to find it).

Those are a piece of cake to make! Y'all have four side access. Try it with one side access, and three high.
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Piece of cake.

Tie ends of sheet with square knots. Push mattress trough. Tuck sheet over mattress end tautly. Why are ya making it look difficult? 
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35+ years of hospital corners and never used a ruler. Who knew? I'll have to give it a shot.

Same here. Having two parents who had been in the Navy was all I needed.

At the RTC, a canteen is much more important for making a rack then a ruler, though the major complaint this
year was that the new-style mattresses don't hold the sheets as well as the older ones, too slippery.

The new boot camp mattresses are nylon, and, therefore, don't hold well.

You're taught during training that "everyone understands this," and then you find out during inspections that this is an excuse to see who slacks and doesn't put the effort in.