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July 21, 2019, 07:19:43 PM
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CAP Talk  |  General Discussion  |  Forum Support  |  Topic: Forum upgrades; new sections requested.
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Author Topic: Forum upgrades; new sections requested.  (Read 911 times)

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« on: March 14, 2018, 12:36:17 PM »

I realize I'm new here and I have read very little of the content available on this site, as a new CAP Senior member I am still in the process of learning all the basics of the various staff positions.

I was hoping that I would be able to come here and quickly find conversations based on the various staff positions - in sub forums specifically set up for each duty position...

I was hoping to find events that other squadrons have planned in one area to give me ideas on what other squadrons are doing, how they are organizing it... Currently I'm tasked with creating a STEM fair to replace our yearly open house... I know there must be thousands of squadrons who have run stem fairs but I can't find a single definitive tutorial on how to make the best possible one complete with advertising suggestions and community outreach...  By the end of my research four weeks from now when I'm ready to plan it I am sure I could contribute to any such topic here to help other squadrons out... if only there was a subforum for that kind of info.

I was hoping to find a sub forum for PAO related things - media topics, links to various resources... (more than the handful of things on the national site; they have two radio spots and zero TV spots listed)

I was hoping that in each sub forum for every staff position I would find a STICKY on top with a WIKI type input below the sticky where people could post a nice all in one tutorial of links, schools, general historic info that could help a person come here - and quickly see every aspect of the entire CAP program laid out easily so they could learn various things quickly...

As a new CAP member I've found E services to be lacking, the training pages to be difficult to find, the recent revisions to the GOcivilair patrol site have been a nice improvement yet many things I am looking to learn are simply not anywhere to be found.. its as if I have to trailblaze and reinvent the wheel with every thing we do as a squadron...

-Is this Cap Talk forum administered and moderated by people who are willing to add new sub forums, allow Stickies like this and Wiki pages to expand its ability to educate the public on various topics?

I appreciate this forum and hope my suggestion can help make it a better organized place;  with 71  pages of topics in the membership section alone where I imagine some of my desired topics may be hidden it will take me quite a while to find any info here...

I'm quite sure with less than an hours worth of work one of your moderators could quickly create new sub forums and the members could slowly populate them with new information;  we could over time have other topics moved into their new home as people reply to them or as moderators find time...

I'm not sure how many active admins or moderators currently help  here, if this discussion board becomes a viable source of information for me I would be willing to assist.  I'm currently Squadron IT and Group 6 PA Assistant IT - who is also tasked with helping PAO, Logistics, Cadet programs and 80% of the other things our commander needs help with in our tiny squadron...  so I have a lot to learn.

I personally cant believe that there is not an  Official board like this that is managed by national...  in this day and age it is quite astounding to me that a forum like this would be overlooked...  I will certainly look into that as soon as I have a firm grasp on how to do my new volunteer jobs...   I realize that CAP prefers to use the CoC for most communication as it follows the Air Force structure, but there's no reason i can see for them not having an official forum like this - tied into E services - and the other online sites they manage... 

Has any of the Admin here approached national to see if this would be approved as an official site; so all members across the nation would be recommended to join here...?    If my recommended sub forums, stickies and wiki's were added i'm sure this would be a much more viable communication tool; I imagine the only fine print that would need changed is the National PAO or IT or command would have to have final say on any of the stickies...

I would appreciate any feedback on my thoughts/ suggestions here...  I'm curious to know how this place works, who's behind managing it and see what I can learn and contribute back to others.

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PA Group 6, Assistant IT
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CAP Talk  |  General Discussion  |  Forum Support  |  Topic: Forum upgrades; new sections requested.

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