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Author Topic: New PT Requirements  (Read 5155 times)
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« Reply #40 on: March 10, 2018, 07:42:02 AM »

Congrats on the job promotion. 

Yeah... been almost a year now since I resigned a command to be a Vice Lord ("Ahhh... Our blockade is perfectly legal..."). The pay is far less in terms of immediate reward of seeing happy members grow (the REAL pay).

Someone (that luminous, unnamed "someone") should really put together a staff guide for Wing Staff, and one for Vice Lords. If we put some effort into quality control for those positions, we probably could head off many of the persistent problems that plague the average member (late promotions, lost awards, etc.). I know that we've been fighting that in my Wing, even as the average member seemingly expects perfect quality control and quick turnaround from quote, "Wing", even as said Wings are staffed by fellow volunteers with their own volunteer inefficiencies.

So: inputs for the next Command Council. Draft up some best practices/staff studies for Wing Staffers based on submitted Wing/Region inputs - share some lessons learned to fix the bottlenecks and choke points.

(OFF TOPIC - we return you to your regular programming at this time)


Hell, I think those guidelines should be instituted (and/or tightened) at all levels.  Not just Wing.
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« Reply #41 on: March 10, 2018, 08:37:18 AM »

Agreed Fester.

Hey suggest a new thread for a job guide: Cadet Program Officer (Code 216) PT guide!


(Hey mods is that curse filter working right? LOL clearly a double hockey sticks poted)
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« Reply #42 on: March 11, 2018, 12:18:33 AM »

The filter seems to have been loosened to allow common words containing proscribed words, like hello.
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« Reply #43 on: March 12, 2018, 02:42:00 PM »

Abd, I hear you. I understand the risk-adverse issue, especially when considering the piss poor planning exhibited by many of our smaller or less well led units. Units going all "Gung Ho" without careful planning measures is a serious concern. (From that POV I need to retract my snark, Eclipse. I apologize, and I think I understand your good intent there Bob).

Some observations of things I think we need to do, to get this PT thing right:
1. Have frank and open discussions with new cadets and parents re: the program elements (expectation management). (Action: units).
2. Have frequent, accessible, and up to date TLC (Training Leader of Cadets) classes to train staff to standards (Action: Groups/Wings).
3. Update TLC with 2018 releases, inclusive of PT program, ASAP (Action: NHQ/CP)
4. Plan and game out events on a local level with approval of local unit/CC, the first line of review (Action: unit/cc)
5. VISIT and monitor adherence to standards and methods (Action: Group/Wing CP officers and command staff).

6. Revise the IG program to get back to being more than a box-checking compliance review of paperwork at the unit level. The IG team is the eyes of command, and the recent changes have made them do little more than check online reports. That pushes the need to higher commands to get off their fat rears (well, mine is although its very manly) and go visit and witness whats going on, rather than just trust that a very infrequent inspection will catch units that either don't do PT at all or do it with a degree of unsafe excess. (Action: IG)

7. Have the guts to step in and have difficult conversations, to pause events to counsel, mentor and guide, and if that won't work, to actually relieve and send certain people home when necessary. (Action: Commanders, Deputies).

8. Keep the focus on FUN as a fitness motivator. As a cadet basic (early 1980s), I <HATED> being dropped for pushups as punishment (which is hazing) and I later as a cadet NCO hated following the system at the time when I took part in the hazing by giving my subordinates pushups for failing to salute (or whatever). I dropped and did the pushups with them, and muttered to them while we did them together. The main issue is that the message to Cadet Spam was that "exercise = punishment", rather than "exercise = fun activity". We need to break that dysfunctional cycle and make exercise a fun thing. We cannot afford to raise future generations who equate exercise with pain/embarrassment. If we push fun exercise as a normalized activity, the passing fitness scores will follow. (Action: every member, cadet and SM).

9. Following on that note, we should remember the test is a measure of fitness (the HFZ), not the goal in and of itself. If we inspire and motivate cadets to play at fitness, they will begin playing/exercising on their own. Passing scores on quarterly fitness tests will then be an intermediate result - NOT the main goal, which is lifetime fitness. (Action: CP officers and cadet staffs).

10. Philosophically understand that trained leaders of cadets (including cadet staff) need to be pulling back gently on the reins occasionally (which is a FAR better case than beating a dead horse to do something active). At the same time, we need to be urging our reluctant members who do not (yet) have a habit of exercise to take part, to get active, and to get into the habit of getting moving and being fit. We need to understand that sometimes goofy events do provide that hard to quantify motivation for adolescents. (Don't lose that focus, Fellow Old Guys)! (Action: everyone).

My 0.02. Not necessarily policy of CAP, GAWG nor of my Commander. Just a best effort to comply/do this right.


Couldn't like this more  :clap:
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