Motorola XTS5000 Impress battery on Johnson 5100?

Started by BoxGranch, February 07, 2018, 04:57:55 pm

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This would be for a personally owned radio, not a corporate one.

Has anyone tried the Motorola Impres batteries on a Johnson 5100 handheld? The two radios appear to take the same battery. One would have to use the Motorola charger to get the Impres features, of course, but wondered if the battery would work interchangeably with the Johnson charger, remembering, of course, not to stick a Lithium battery into the Johnson charger. And would the Johnson fit into the Motorola charger?

This is primarily out of curiosity, but wondering about what to do when it is time for another battery.



I've done it. No problems. As for the EFJ fitting into the Moto charger, it depends on which charger you have. If it has a full cup, no. If it has an open front, works fine.