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Consider Tampons for your 24 hour pack.

Started by LSW, July 20, 2016, 05:42:37 pm

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I saw a post where I couldn't post a reply. It was in regards to using tampons for puncture marks. It was stated a former British military member advised CAP member at one point Tampons work well with "puncture marks" i.e. bullet holes. True. And they were used recently in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, it wouldn't be prudent. The US Military in recent years have devised "Quick Clot Combat Gauze" which is now available in IFAK kits and also commercially. Self Aid Buddy Care/Tactical Casualty Care/Combat Life Saver has been moving training to focus on the new equipment and is no longer taught by per Air Force Expeditionary Skills Taskings.

I am not saying it is a bad idea, I'm just saying equipment has evolved into better tools for the trade.

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I didn't go through all the posts, but I was in the Infantry for 8 years, I've been a cop for almost 20.  Been a tactical EMT on SWAT, been to countless accidents, shootings, stabbings, and even handled a couple gun shot wounds, one of a suspect that had been shot during a hostage rescue.  Been flying now for several years, done numerous SAR missions and located victims in various stages between completely OK to completely dead and everywhere in between.  I've had the chance to work with some PJs during a couple LE missions and countless paramedics, EMTs and even some ER doctors out in the field and not once have I ever seen a tampon come out of anyone's gear as a solution.

Please.... and I beg you... unless you are a legit medical trauma type who can undeniably stand your ground and make people stand in awe of your medical resume, please do not ever, while in a CAP uniform, whip out a tampon.  I could almost guarantee you be the subject of unrelenting ridicule and mockery. 

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The last post on this thread before McDaddy resurrected it recently was the issue of Toxic Shock Syndrome on the victim created by the added chemical junk on the tampons.

Do you want to put the health of the victim you are treating at risk by your treatment?

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Based on my training and more... my experience.... bullet entry wounds for the most part, are actually fairly small.  If its a rifle projectile, the entry wound will be the least of your concerns.  Overall its just someone looking for the WOW factor trying to be Trauma Tim by dazzling everyone by pulling out a tampon.  If you are going to purposely make the effort to carry the wrong equipment, take the same effort and carry the right equipment.