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Author Topic: adults supervision  (Read 4530 times)
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« Reply #20 on: February 22, 2016, 06:22:53 AM »

When oh when are we going to get rid of so called "cadet medics"?

Right after we get rid of so called "cadet mission pilots".

In other words, if they're qualified and can do the job, what's the problem?

Here's a handy reference chart:

| CAP Mission Pilot = actual real job.   |
| CAP Medic = made up pretend job.   |

(One cannot be "qualified" to do a made up pretend job).
CAP Mission Pilot......is a made up pretend job.  Made up by CAP for CAP's purposes.

If squadron X.....says okay.....anyone with a Red Cross First Aid Card can be a "medic".....that is a real job with a real credentialing.
Better to stick to the regulations.....

Quote from: 60-3
f. First Aid and Emergency Medical Care. CAP is not an emergency medical care or paramedic organization and should not advertise itself as such. CAP will not be the primary provider of medical support on missions or training events though qualified personnel can be used to support such activities. The only type of medical aid that should be administered by CAP personnel or by any other person at CAP's request is reasonable treatment deemed necessary to save a life or prevent human suffering. This treatment must be executed by a person qualified to attempt such medical care within their skill level. When first aid or higher medical training is required for qualification in a particular specialty, the expectation is that the qualification course includes both knowledge and practical skills training; first aid courses taken on-line only are not acceptable; though members are not considered employees when supporting operations, courses are expected to meet the National Guidelines for First Aid in Occupational Settings available at http://ntl.bts.gov/lib/24000/24700/24757/ngfatos.pdf or ASTM F 2171-02(2009), Standard Guide for Defining the Performance of First Aid Providers in Occupational Settings. CAP medical personnel are not provided supplemental malpractice insurance coverage, and any care provided is at the members own risk. Though medical supplies and equipment are not normally provided to responders, any reasonable supplies used on training or actual missions may be submitted for reimbursement as long as sufficient justification is provided.


Quote from: CAPR 160-1
1-6. Medical Care Policy.
a. CAP is not a health care provider, and CAP members are not permitted to act in the role of health care providers during the performance of official CAP duties. Consequently, CAP members are not permitted to function as pharmacists, physicians, nurses, or in any other role that would permit the administration and dispensing of drugs under various federal and state laws and regulations.
b. Medical care within CAP is limited to emergency first aid and may be provided only by members with appropriate training and experience. Such care shall continue only until professional medical care can be obtained.
c. Any member can assist another member in distress in order to save the life of the member. Members are encouraged to inform activity leadership, health service officers, those in direct contact with the member of their condition, and critical information for support that may be needed. Should any CAP member be required by law to render aid by virtue of his or her professional credential or state license (such as a paramedic or emergency medical technician, for example), such CAP member in complying with his or her legal obligations shall be deemed to be doing so either as the agent of his or her employer or as an agent of the state agency that issued his or her license, but in no event as the agent of CAP.
d. CAP members providing emergency first aid will inform first responders, like emergency medical services, what they have done so that further care is not hindered. All occurrences must be documented in accordance with CAPR 62-2, Mishap Reporting and Review.

So......by inference.....the job title of Medic.....is one who provides medical care.....and CAP does not do that.
Not because it is a made up job....because it is not....but because CAP does not do that.

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CAP Talk  |  Cadet Programs  |  Cadet Programs Management & Activities  |  Topic: adults supervision

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