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Civil Air Patrol and CAS Hours

Started by XxJake114xX, September 17, 2014, 11:07:54 pm

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So, I am in the International Baccalaureate Program at my High School. The IB Program requires students to complete a total of 60 Hours of CAS. CAS stands for Creativity, Activity, and Service.

My question is, does Civil Air Patrol count as Vounteer SERVICE hours? Or is it a different type of volunteer service?

I am asking a seemingly obvious question because I do not want to lie to the school saying that I am doing something that, in reality, does not count towards CAS hours.

Thank you!


It'll probably be up to the program at your school.  You may have to make the case for CAP for them to approve it.
Are other service organizations like 4H approved?  If so, CAP might, as well.

Chances are, the IB people have no idea what CAP is.


Ooh okay I follow you. Thank you coudano! ;)

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As Caudano said, you may need to check with the program. That said, some hours doing Civil Air Patrol work can count as volunteer service hours, but not all. As a cadet in CAP Cadet Programs, attending weekly meeting or an encampment or special activity where you are a participant normally wouldn't count. Working on an ES mission (not receiving training), volunteering on an airshow, or performing other similar activities where you're doing actual work or training others may count as volunteer/community service. Talk to your commander about what types of activities you may do in CAP that could count towards volunteer service hours.


+1 - if you're being served, no credit, if you're serving, up to the program.

I wold say for cadets it's 50/50 at best, but senior members could be able to get full credit for all activities.


My school let me use all (and I mean ALL) of my CAP hours for my CAS - and as a bonus it covered all three areas so I didn't need any external projects to supplement it. Towards the end of it I had 450+ hours in 18 months that I was allowed to count (8hr/day max for multi-day activities and the like [encampment, COS, NCSAs...]). I still have my Proposal sheet filled out if you want to see a previously approved justification for it, just PM me.
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I do not see why it could not be used.  Coudano made a very cogent case for why it should be.

If the BSA, 4H or other organisations could, CAP should be able to.

However, there are some school corporations who have an aversion to anything military-derived, so if that is the case, you would need to explain to them that we are a volunteer, non-profit organisation as well as the USAF Auxiliary.
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Montgomery County Public Schools (MD) will accept CAP as volunteer hours, but we have some cadets attending private schools that won't touch CAP because of its "military affilliation.
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I don't know if it would help, but consider downloading or forwarding a copy of the CAPP52. This pamphlet is entitled "Todays Cadets: Tomorrows Aerospace Leaders."  It is only 15 pages or so and does a decent job of quickly summarizing the cadet program in a way that is digestible for non-members to understand. Find it on the Forms, Publications, and Regulations page, or visit http://capmembers.com/media/cms/P052_413338E496112.pdf