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Locked "aged" threads

Started by whatevah, May 31, 2013, 07:20:25 am

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The forum will be locking older threads that have not been replied to in 6-12 months (depending on which board it's in). This is, in part, to reduce the number of "necroposts" when somebody replies to a 5 year old post with "me too!".

If you have a reply that you really want to add to an older thread that has been locked due to age, feel free to PM one of the moderators to request that it be unlocked or post a new thread with a link to the original post.  We'll either merge the threads or let it ride as a new topic, depending on the content.
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This is both a good and bad idea. Good because a thread that old is probably so out of date as far as regulations or policies go as to be worthless. Bad in that CAPTalk has a continuing group of new members that are unaware of what previous posts have commented on. But this is an administrative decision that in reality does not affect the average reader.
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Can we also lock any and all threads with ABU in them? Or create a filter that automatically deletes any new thread with ABU in the subject?  >:D
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If a thread is locked and you have some new relevant information......all you have to do is start a new thread and reference the old one.

Locking dead threads keeps the neubs and trolls from just necroing some really old stuff.


Quote from: Garibaldi on June 15, 2013, 10:26:05 pm
Can we also lock any and all threads with ABU in them? Or create a filter that automatically deletes any new thread with ABU in the subject?  >:D

Or you can just ignore them..

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I do not think that locking a thread will prevent those new members from searching or reading them, just prevents them from posting. Heck, sometimes you will find a new poster posting new messages on something that has been opened a few months! Or soit seems...


Hear Hear!  :clap:

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    Some of the old treads can help others to find the answers we are looking for. Plus adding to a tread may not solve anything it actually confuse people. Beating around the bushes. I agree to Lock them.
    I been around for the past 5 years. Looking at tread and answer to things. I start posting and some of this tread are just the same old things.

Ohh yes erase all the ABU's postings. I agree with that.  Garibaldi :clap:



Nice to see your taking steps to keep things clean.  My two cents=

I try to avoid locking topics at all costs; many times I am researching things for jobs or hobbies and will be reading posts that are well over ten years old related to old software, hardware, vehicles or various other topics (mostly related to programming, coding and modifying software) .  Some of the most interesting conversions can end up spanning quite a few years; depending on the topic; you never know when a person will stumble upon a new hobby and join the chat.

Too often in my life I have been involved in conversations that ended as a Locked topic when a moderator or forum administrator did not like how things were progressing... you may have 40 or 50 pages of a good debate happening and then on page 51 some person gets out of line and causes an argument....   In those cases I would prefer to have a moderator WARN the offending person and edit their messages to remove inflammatory statements so the conversation can continue in a civil manor.

I've seen discussions on how to build a custom bios or driver package to make old hardware do something it wasn't designed for span many years where often nothing is said until a new operating system is released to cause incompatibility...    I'm not sure what type of conversations Cap could have that would span 75 years and still be viable - so i'll have to check back later to see...lol

Another small reason I dislike locking topics is because if you lock one - two or three more pop up on the same topic...  before you know it you have conversations all over and your SQL database is going to have a lot of un needed entries.  The chances of forum database corruption are slim but I still do what I can to insure that there are as few entries as possible in the grand scheme of things; i think locking topics should be reserved to posts that are truly out of date where the OP has abandoned the conversation - and there is no Wiki to keep it up to date by other interested parties or if there is a heated debate going on that needs to be put on hold... though generally in that case those topics are often on the list to be hidden (I rarely delete things )

Generally if I have chosen to lock a topic - I'm also going to move it to a holding area on the web forum for old messages - in the same hierarchy of sorts but a specific area for finished conversations... every year or so I'd have moderators go through and delete irrelevant things that had been supplemented or replaced, pointless topics that had no real value and other general wasted space... but only on a limited basis as i generally dont like deleting info.
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