12 seconds, 109 years ago!

Started by Robert Hartigan, December 18, 2012, 02:10:42 AM

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Robert Hartigan

In my opinion, and I am biased since I have made my vocation my career, today is the most hallowed of all days with the expected exceptions of Christmas and Easter, it marks the anniversary of twelve seconds that changed the world: The first sustained flight of a heavier than air aircraft by those Ohio innovators and first aeronautical engineers, Orrville and Wilbur Wright!

They did not do it alone or without considerable research and experimentation. Key to their success was the mechanical acumen of Charlie Taylor, their shop mechanic.  It is interesting to note that Charlie Taylor designed and built the engine that powered the Wright's Flyer in six weeks, a true testament to the ability of maintenance personnel to think creatively and perform well under pressure. I laugh to myself because that engine build has to be the first AOG situation and the start of  RTS timelines!

So today, at around 10:30am, look skyward and follow the contrails to that speck in the sky and know that your contribution to the safety and reliability of the aviation industry is by extension the  perpetuation of those twelve seconds that  continue to change the world.
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