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Stop Engaging Miserable Posters

Started by Pylon, April 11, 2012, 02:17:58 pm

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As a follow-up to my previous post about the recent tone of the forums, I want to add an additional request to all of the members of CAPTalk.  There are a handful of posters here who, while they might not be violating the CAPTalk membership code of conduct, consistently are pessimistic, cynical, abrasive, and/or annoying.

Stop engaging them.

Do not reply to posts from these people who frequently push the limits to incite the rest of us to passioned responses, attempted corrections, and long-winded attempts to prove their misguided viewpoints wrong.  Simply ignore them for the betterment of the forum and the general tone of our discussions. Engaging these individuals will accomplish nothing but ignoring them will help us keep threads on-topic, positive and professional in nature, and make it easier to moderate outlying posts when the entire thread isn't derailed and involved.

We'll be doing our part in reminding individual posters of the purpose of our site and to keep contributions positive.  Please do your part to contribute to making CAPTalk a professional and useful resource for CAP members by keeping your posts positive, tactful, and professional while categorically ignoring those who chose to try and undermine that worthy goal.
Michael F. Kieloch, Maj, CAP


Sadly, I feel this needs to be bumped. 

As an addendum, if you're contributing to a consistent negative tone here you'll be shown the door.  Simple enough.
Michael F. Kieloch, Maj, CAP