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Professional Networking

Started by whatevah, January 21, 2012, 04:25:30 am

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Mine has changed quite a bit since the original posting ... here's the original:

Quote from: ColonelJack on February 21, 2012, 12:11:37 am
Jack Bagley
Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Director
"Calliope" children's Television show

Calico Cat Productions, LLC
producers of "Calliope"

(to view episodes of the show)

Now, the current:

"Calliope" was cancelled in September of 2015, and Calico Cat Productions, LLC, is rather dormant at the moment.  We are looking to resume production of new programming soon.

In the meantime, one must eat, so ...

Layout Editor/Reporter, Trib Publications
Manchester, Ga.
(Putting out five weekly newspapers in west-central Georgia)

News Reporter, WTRP-AM, LaGrange,GA and WRLA-AM, West Point, GA

Tour bus driver, Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari

Hey, it keeps me off the streets (and in the bars, where I belong).

Jack Bagley, Ed. D.
Lt. Col., CAP (now inactive)
Gill Robb Wilson Award No. 1366, 29 Nov 1991
Admiral, Great Navy of the State of Nebraska


Greg Putnam
IT Professional

Agent with the Monmouth County, NJ Prosecutor's Office

Director of IT for Monmouth County
Director of IT Mercer County VoTech
Manager of Systems at Bell South

BA Michigan State University
County Government - Chief Information Officer - University of North Carolina

Current experience:
IT support
Video forensics   
Greg Putnam, Lt. Col., CAP


David W. Richards
Corporate Photographer, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Retired Chief Master Sergeant, U.S. Air Force
e-mail: dwr2829cap@gmail.com
profile: linkedin.com/in/dwr2829
portfolio: https://flic.kr/ps/D2iWR


MSgt Latorre, Carlos A.
Active Duty USMC
Infantry Unit Leader

19 years of Service.
Medium Level Management skills
Preparing for 1st Retirement
Management degree from University of Maryland.
Email: C_Latorre@MSN.com
Linkedin: LinkedIn.com/in/carlos-Latorre-75b595120

Looking for any offers with in the management field.
Or Weapons instructor. Force Protection officer or physical security consultant.

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Rev. Maj Deputy James Colgan; non-profit management; temporary cripple; harasser of people with white Jeeps



Shawn Wynn
UAS Pilot
UAS Professor at Embry-Riddle
BS and MS from Embry-Riddle
MBA in process from Temple University
6 years flying UAVs for defense companies overseas
6 years Navy Rescue Swimmer

CAP - Louisiana Wing - Lake Charles 007

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/swynn/