CAPT 78-2 - L2L Drill Tests - Single Page Versions

Started by a2capt, October 10, 2011, 09:49:40 am

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I got disgusted with keeping track of 3 pages for some of the Learn to Lead drill tests. The Leadership 2000 ones were all one page, even the Wright Brothers - in which both versions are identical except the Learn to Lead one is  .. two pages.

Since the Wright Brothers one comes in the controlled items that NHQ sends, I didn't include it here- but this is the Feb, 2011 edit of the CAP Test 78-2, Drill & Ceremonies Tests - except Achievements 1 through 6 all print on ONE page, and have a spot for name, date, CAPID and administrator.

I didn't mess with the rest, since they're test and answer sheet as given and can be printed single or double sided however you choose.

Duplex printers are still not prevailant, though they are getting more and more so, there's no reason to have to print 2 or 3 sides/sheets when the information fits on one, to get the job done.

With regards to the reduced pages, Everything is IDENTICAL with exception of a few abbreviated instances of "inches" to "in." and one where I changed "(beginning with the left foot)" to "(begin on left foot)" so I could reduce the word-wrap.  The pages are are crammed tight, but .. still very usable.

In another ancient thread, I posted a completely redone from scratch, CAPF 23, that is totally native EPS in PDF, so it's vector, not scanned horribly bitmap, and it prints nice and fast.


Outstanding work, sir! One of those things we all need but that never gets done. This will make things much easier.  :clap: :clap: :clap:
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I could have done a slightly better job I suppose, but cramming all the material onto one page was a tad challenging, especially considering the way I did it. I wanted to use QuarkXpress which is what I normally do, but I had issues with the conversion of that PDF and had to settle for PDF to Word, and the QXP Word import hated that result, so it was Word or Nothing.

Word Tables are just pure voodoo. I figured on only those pages that had actual test sheets, and leave the rest, and the goal was to change zero text so that no one would say "these are not the same" and cause anyone any grief on a cadets file anywhere along the line in their cadet career should they transfer to another unit.

In the end, I had to change three or four places, as I noted, for spacing, to get rid of extra lines, and I realize the width of the pages are pushing it, and not consistent.

Also attached to this message is the re-created CAPF 23, done with a light box against an original for size, space, content, and fonts.


We've been grading tests on this...

Chapters 1, 2, and 3 (one per worksheet)
These ride on a clipboard that the evaluator carries during drill eval.
well anyway it's an xlsx but i can't attach that so here it is as a pdf

We just write a checkmark or 1 the box for sat, X or 0 for unsat.
Count up the checks and total on the right.
Easy transfer into e-services.
'permanent' written record of both passed and failed attempts by name and date.

The NCO's get a little more personal attention, but there are fewer of them, testing less often, anyway...


I'm going to sticky this thread like we have for the uniform guides and such.  Good work.