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Author Topic: New National Commander elected  (Read 21838 times)
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« Reply #100 on: October 03, 2011, 01:37:27 AM »

One would assume that you are expecting "different results".

If you know where you are going....and you are happy with the way and speed that you are getting there.....then there is no need to plan a new route.

Just saying.

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« Reply #101 on: October 03, 2011, 02:08:16 AM »

If there is a "don't rock the boat" attitude up top, I am both frustrated with it but understand it.

Nonetheless, it doesn't excuse holding a calcified, afraid-to-tick-off-the-Air Force attitude when one doesn't know what would tick off the AF without asking!

Well for the most part that's all Civil Air Patrol has to do is follow the guidance in the cooperative agreement and also what is in the AF Regulation.   Anyone with any substantial military experience, knows that before officially staffing something you can always get an unofficial opinion/review.  Sometimes the reviewer can make recommendations as to changes that will improve the chances of an initiative getting approved.   That's why we have a paid professional staff at National Headquarters, and we also have the Office of CAP-USAF, including the commander right there.    This really isn't that difficult to do.   It's silly to think the AF is angry with CAP as an organization. 
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« Reply #102 on: October 03, 2011, 02:56:24 AM »

As for the thread, I think that as long as Gen Carr continues mostly in the direction that Gen Courter went, we'll be fine. Not to say that we shouldn't change anything-- complacency is never a good thing. But General Courter, IMO, was what CAP needed after HWSRN.

I'm sure Gen Carr will do CAP proud however, I'm a little curious on our conventional wisdom of his predecessors.
Mr. Pineda was removed from membership for, reportedly, being dishonest and, causing embarrassment to CAP for a lack of personal integrity. However, he put CAP on track to financial accountability by making the transistion to the Wing Banking Program sucessful, approved the consolodated aircraft maint. program and, gave CAP a distinctive uniform which was approved by the Air Force. This is fact and, no one can refute this (I have the correspondence in writing).
  Gen. Courter was elected because she would "walk the talk" however; she was reprimanded by the BoG; reportedly for ethical violations and, mishandling funds related to "directed travel". She purged those who disagreed with her (even in private) and, held more "back room" meetings than anyone I've known in a leadership position in CAP. She has used "new business" agendas to bypass important vetting processes, had the NEC change election rules (reserved exclusively by the National Board) and, mislead the NEC on important issues such as the "Tilton affair". She also appointed a member to coordinate our overseas units, who is totally unworthy; just to appease a political crony.  She sent letters of repremand to two distinguished former members of the NEC (one, a former National Commander) for acceptable actions which occured over 14 years ago. It was also reported she complained to congress and the Air Force because, the BoG was interfering with her governance of CAP...
IMO, it is time to understand that CAP politics is played hard. If you wish to opine on it, do your homework, think, then provide your thoughts. Don't continue to parrot the propaganda from the uninformed.  There are no saints in CAP; especially at the National level.
I, for one, am glad the BoG's governance study is in full force. I'm sure there will be some eyes opened when the results are in. I look forward to positive change; even if it means the end of a "self licking ice cream cone".
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« Reply #103 on: October 03, 2011, 06:05:04 AM »

Well, again where are CAP's Long Term Goals as approved by the BOG published ???  That is going to drive the entire organization, from strategic to operational planning.    Also FW was up front on his proposals --  I would think that since he didn't get elected that was because most didn't agree with his agenda :-\ ???   So what's the implications overall for CAP,  is it "don't rock the boat" logic that will continue to prevail ???

You've never run a non-profit or large volunteer program, have you?

Strategic plans, called Long Term Goals in this case, are a common thing that everybody has because grants require them.  Then there are two sorts of organizations: those who get action on their strategic plan and those who are trying out the path to hell (being paved with good intentions and all).

There is like this mystery around strategic plans - like they are some sort of mystical, magical thing.  People ask questions at seminars and conferences about them like they are in some type of holy tabernacle and these organizational leaders are seeking the passcodes to enter that domain.  They do not, however, inherently guide the organization because they exist.

I have a standard lecture that I give about strategic plans and making good on good intentions at this point (which I should probably copyright by now).  In it, I talk about moving from lofty plans to laying foundations to tactical planning and execution.  There is a lot in between the strategic plan and getting things done.

It's like fighting a war:  You have long term goals of taking the capital, replacing the government, getting the economy going.  Then you have to make those happen.  If you could get an economy going for want of it, the US wouldn't be in the situation it is right now.

By themselves, strategic goals (or Long Term Goals) are useless.

Only when you lay the infrastructure and get things executed, energizing and involving your people, does it work.

Organizational culture matters, infrastructure matters.  Look at Google vs. Yahoo.  Yahoo could have been Google.  Western Union could have been PayPal.  Any number of regional carriers could have been the ONLY national airline that posts a profit EVERY SINGLE YEAR - Southwest.  CAP could be retaining rather than bleeding members.  Look at the statistics.  CAP could be doing great mission development, pushing the envelope, taking the lead in disaster relief, homeland security - all sorts of things.  A lot of people I know think I'm CRAZY FOR RENEWING my membership.  They think CAP is some antiquated organization - a remnant of World War II that isn't improving with the times.  I'd LIKE to prove them wrong.

As for proposals, seems to me that they talked about CAPTalk and the NDA rather than proposals.  Did they seem focused on proposals to you?  For one thing, people are right about the NB not wanting to switch things up/rock the boat.  That's because beating an incumbent team is incredibly difficult.  That's how things are.  I've seen that a million times from working in politics.
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« Reply #104 on: October 03, 2011, 08:14:34 AM »

Strategic plans, called Long Term Goals in this case, are a common thing that everybody has because grants require them.  Then there are two sorts of organizations: those who get action on their strategic plan and those who are trying out the path to hell (being paved with good intentions and all).

"No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy's main strength" (or "no plan survives contact with the enemy").

"Strategy is a system of expedients."

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