Looking for old CAP Newspapers...

Started by MICT1362, January 02, 2011, 08:49:56 PM

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I was curious if anybody has saved copies of the old CAP Newspaper that used to come every month?  If anybody has them, I can let you know which issue I am looking for.

I used to have a bunch of them, but I don't know where they ran off to after moving a bunch of times.



No promises but I have quite a few. Shoot me a date. I don't really have much in the '88 to '92 period.
Lt. Col. Randy L. Mitchell
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I've saved some from 2001 and to their demise, don't know exactly which ones, as I don't know exactly where they are. Though I have an idea where.. if that range fits, perhaps I could look for them.


I have a large number as well, yellowing up in my closet....let me know what date(s).

Donald A. Beckett, Lt Col, CAP
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I was digging through the uniform closet and saw one or two from the mid 90s (forgot exactly what year).  Which ones are you looking for?


Right now, I am looking for the Dec 2005 Issue, I believe.  Looking for a copy of the awards sections.