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CAP Talk  |  Operations  |  Aerospace Education  |  Topic: Yeager Award - next Step + bonus
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Author Topic: Yeager Award - next Step + bonus  (Read 9190 times)
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« Reply #20 on: December 20, 2006, 06:41:10 AM »

I think a structured AE Adult program is a great idea.  Pilots already have this info, thus, I feel that they are in a unique position to help.  Sort of as "living reference texts."  A pilot also might be qualifed to take the test cold.  Aside from the historical issues and events, it should be child's play.
I didn't really feel I had a lot to add to this thread before, but I did want to say one quick thing. A lot of pilots get saddled w/ AEO just cause they're pilots. Now granted they're going to have SOME things down that guy off the street doesn't, but most piltos aren't going to do well with the space & rocketry stuff.

I do favor a structured program, but let me say that I think the point of AE in CAP is 1) to inspire a dream in youth that leads them to serve the AF either directly, or in a contributory role in aerospace & airpower fields, or just as a supportive citizen. It's not particularly designed to make people smarter. And, 2) to educate adults & the general public about the benifitys of aerospace & air/space power so as to gnerate support for those items in the budget.

Now with that in mind, pull the self test version of Yeager off the net cause that makes a joke of it (with the test & search window open & the same questions from the instructor's guide). Break it down into 2-3 sections. Also, think about those objectives I mentioned & work the program in that direction.

Oh, and by the way, why is there a crossfield ribbon & an AE badge? Move the ribbon to an advanced version of this re-designed AESPM. Such a program is long overdue.
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« Reply #21 on: December 20, 2006, 05:17:30 PM »

I've had problems trying to motivate Seniors to actually take the Yeager. My Group has set a goal for 100 percent Yeager completion for all new Seniors within 18 months of joining, but we are going to miss that goal by at least 70 percent. I've gone as far as to send Seniors (or officers) the links to the book and the link to the site for the test.

The funny thing...a few months ago I had one Senior ask, "What's the Yeager test?" That officer has been in for 3 years...
Some ideas:

1.  Get the support of your Sqdn. Cmdr.  This is critical.  The Yeager is not just an individual exercise.   The squadron's completion rate of the Yeager is a factor in it's overall performance.  When the cmdr. buys into this, it can be a "requirement" for the sqdn.

2.  You should have a list of squadron members.  When you distributed the  e-mail, phrase in such a way as to imply it as a "requirement".   Make it very obvious as to who's completed the test and who hasn't.  While it may not technically be required, phrasing it in such a way helps foster motivation much more so than the notion of an "optional" activity.  It's great that you included the URL's to the exam and textbook when you distributed your e-mail.

3.  Make certain to recognize those that successfully complete the Yeager by presenting their certificates in front of the squadron. 

4.  Assign completion dates for people if needed - a few people every couple weeks.   We used a sign-up sheet, that way people could choose their timeframe if they wanted.  This is easy for you to manage and puts focus on individuals.   Ask for updates.  If they are having trouble, what specifically is the issue?  Is there any assistance you can offer?
5.  Do you dedicate a portion of your regular meetings each month to AE?  If not, consider doing so.  Discuss/re-enforce the Yeager as much as possible, although it does not need to be (nor should it really be) the mainstay of the AE program for Officers. 

I can tell you this about the Yeager - even as a pilot, there is a lot interesting stuff in that text.  The history is very good.  Many pilots, myself included, tend to not know as much about rockets or space - so there is that element.  We have a very experienced pilot in our squardron - he's flown all types of aircraft and probably has more combat hours than most people have hours -  and even he found the text to be interesting and insightful.   

The unfortunate thing, and it was hit on earlier, is that the Yeager has become just a checklist item rather than the learning tool it is.
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CAP Talk  |  Operations  |  Aerospace Education  |  Topic: Yeager Award - next Step + bonus

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