Civil Air Patrol & Coast Guard Auxiliary - Joint Ops?

Started by Lancer, November 20, 2006, 12:59:52 am

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Almost all the active "Sundown Patrols" that I have heard about in recent years were funded by city or county governments.   


See I don't really care about the mission itself. I'm interested in the fact that it was once flown for CG? That doesn't seem to be the case now. They've created their own less capable aviation component that appears to operate at higher cost & I'd imagine not as good safety (if you're going to go look at accident rates, make sure you're only counting mission flight time for CAP, since that's the only data there will be for CGAux). That's fine, as long as CG is willing to give them money then they'll be around. I guess I'd just assume embrace them as a sister service & work w/ CG to increase interoperability. I really don't know anything about CGAux Air, but if they can play at our level, I already know we can play at the active CG's level for the most part.


I've never heard of CG directly sponsoring any CAP Sundown Patrols in the past.  I very much doubt they would.  Heck, pretty much all they use CG Aux Air for is regularly funded patrols for the same purpose. 

That is why I think they need to be folded in.  CAP has almost no regular patrol time and flies mostly for emergency purposes while CG Aux Air does almost no emergency work (they did a little after Katrina), but gets regularly funded patrols.  Mush those two together and you get one organization that keeps its planes up almost all the time and would be much more well-rounded. 

By the way, there are strong rumors about limiting participation in CG Aux Air, especially in the southeast, primarily due to budget issues.   

I know the Marco Island (FL) CAP squadron used to (and may still) fly them with county funding.  I know another unit on the east coast of FL used to fly them (probably 10+ years ago now), but don't know who paid for them. 


IIRC these would pre-date CGAux air & were primarily FL & West Coast, run out of CG RCCs.

They won't be folded in. CG will use them for the same reasons AF uses CAP. If there isn't cash for it, or if there are other issues, then Congress may direct they not be funded in favor of CAP doing those missions, or they may be embraced brought on line w/ a govt purchased fleets & such, I doubt that tho given the money the CG gets to work with.

If they're worth a crap then I don't mind helping them join our world & sharing both pies, but I'd have to see it first.