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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
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 on: Today at 06:29:15 PM 
Started by ShoreDude - Last post by ShoreDude
Thank you all for the replies.   

I will be attending a meeting this week at a nearby squadron.  If I am not impressed with that one, there are another 2 squadrons within reasonable distance I can try later this month. 

Any tips on how to evaluate if its a decent squadron?  (Stuff to look out for, etc.)

Also, any examples of questions I should ask the Commander that would give me some insight to see if its the right squadron for me?   

Thanks again.

 on: Today at 06:03:55 PM 
Started by ShoreDude - Last post by Vegas1972
Great info in all the above answers.   Also, donít judge any units by their public facing websites.  I know in our composite squadron, content and pictures are very easy to generate from cadet events. Cadets ďdoing stuffĒ makes for better website material than seniors sitting at a table planning a SAREX.

It also can depend on who maintains the website.  For example, as CDC and maintainer of the website, Iím at all or most of the cadet events and have many pictures and such.  I try to add as much senior side (ES) content as possible to the site but Iím at the mercy of those at the events to send me the content/pics.  Best advice, as those have already said, is to visit a couple of squadrons, some may be very involved in ES but just not show it on their websites. 

 on: Today at 05:35:18 PM 
Started by Kayll'b - Last post by GaryVC
I have 1700 hours in KC-135s (A and Q models with the old engines) and 1100 in EC-135Js. The EC-135s had different engines and I expected them to be quieter but there wasn't a significant difference. I think that most of what we heard in the cockpit was "wind" noise.

 on: Today at 05:28:32 PM 
Started by ShoreDude - Last post by etodd
Great advice from Eclipse.

Visit a couple Squadrons and talk with the Emergency Services members and see what they tell you about opportunities. As Eclipse stated, we do not service hear, but you might enjoy getting involved with the Communications part. They are often looking for people.

You donít have to be a pilot to fly. Mission Scanners, Observers, and Photography are all posititions you could train for.

Getting started soon as a Mission Staff Assitant at SAREXs would Open up lots of doors at Mission Base as you see what others do and find your interests.

CAP is full of people that join thinking they might do one thing and then finding other areas of interest. Join and get involved.

 on: Today at 05:25:49 PM 
Started by ShoreDude - Last post by GaryVC
The important thing is to visit squadrons and talk to the commander. I suggest looking at their websites (if they have one, they should). As the fairly new commander of a composite squadron I would welcome more help. Our cadet program is solid and we are doing fine with flying activities. But we would benefit from having senior members who are interested in other areas of the program including in emergency services: ground teams, communications, and mission base support. We would also benefit from individuals who are interested in transportation, logistics, IT and planning our senior training program. We have a number of active duty air force personnel in our squadron but they seem to have very short tours of duty at a location and aren't around for very long.

 on: Today at 05:06:13 PM 
Started by ShoreDude - Last post by Eclipse
So what is there to do as a Senior member?

BLUF: The opportunities in a composite squadron are essentially the entire CAP portfolio, depending on the scale of the unit,
its proximity to resources such as aircraft, and the emphasis a respective commander has decided for his unit. 

Senior Squadron or flight:  Adults only, generally focused on ES and flying as those are the primary operational
roles for adults outside running a squadron.  May well interact regularly with cadets during orientation rides,
ES training, encampments, etc.

Composite Squadron / flight:  Adults and cadets.  Expectation is that all facets of the program are run during the
year, though emphasis may shift at times depending on opportunities or time of year.  Some composite squadrons
may look from the outside like they are cadet-emphasized because of the nature of the more structured / regimented
cadet program, but the CC should be running a full training and professional development program for all members.

Cadet Squadron / flight: Adults and cadets.  Expectation is that the focus is on the cadet experience and training, however
adult members still participate in their own progression and professional development, ES, etc., however there is no "senior program"
per se.  Seniors often participate with other units or echelons for their own experience.

Inspection requirements and staff opportunities are the same for all of the above, with the caveat that scale often dictates
what roles are needed / filled. A small Senior Flight with no equipment may not have a Commo, LG, etc.

There is no internal repair of corporate communications equipment or other electronics in CAP, especially at the unit level.
Most if any of that would occur at the Wing (state) level and be unusual at best.

Your best best is to visit some units and ask lots of questions.  CAP isn't' for everyone, and every unit is a little different (to say the least).

 on: Today at 04:00:23 PM 
Started by ShoreDude - Last post by ShoreDude
Hi Everyone,

I am in my late 30's and interested in joining CAP.  I have never served in the military, and I do not have any flying experience.  However, I have always been interested in the military and in aviation.  I expressed interest in joining the military as a young man but was DQ'ed because of a minor medical issue. 

Fast forward to today, I am looking to get involved with a good volunteer organization and the CAP caught my eye.  There are a couple of a composite squadrons within 30 miles of my location that I plan on checking out in the coming weeks.

With that being said, I am a little confused as to what exact a senior member's duties would consist of in a composite squadron.  Judging from the squadron websites I viewed, although they are composite squadrons, their activities seem to mostly revolve around the cadets.   

So what is there to do as a Senior member?  I realize the importance of the cadet program, but i'm not really interested in teaching or supervising cadet activities.   What interests me is the Emergency services, Disaster preparations, SAR, etc. type stuff.  Not necessarily flying missions but support related stuff like radio, logistics, training, etc. 

In my day job I repair electronics, is there any sort of need for the type of thing (equipment maintenance/repair) in the CAP? 

Basically I just would like to know what to expect when I show up for a meeting for the first time.  I would hate to show up expecting a bunch of opportunities but then come to find out the only role of the senior member in a composite squadron is to simply instruct/supervise the cadets.

If anyone can clarify further I would appreciate it.   Thank you for your time. 

 on: Yesterday at 04:20:34 PM 
Started by JohhnyD - Last post by MSgt Van
This seems to be a fairly important caveat as well: "Those communications that are willfully false or made publicly with the ostensible
purpose of harassment, intent to cause harm, annoy, embarrass, or disrupt the missions of Civil Air Patrol
do not meet the definition of a Protected Communication." That covers a lot of ground.

 on: Yesterday at 03:58:58 PM 
Started by JohhnyD - Last post by Eclipse
This ^, especially the last part.

 on: Yesterday at 08:26:00 AM 
Started by JohhnyD - Last post by Fubar
We have so many internal processes to manage concerns and complaints and you want to bring it to an outside person who has no influence on operational matters?

Fill out a CAPF 20 and submit it. You'll have a far better chance at influencing change if there is willful disregard for CAP regulations occuring.

Be forewarned though - if the basis of your complaint is essentially you don't like what a commander is doing and that commander is within regulations, your complaint will be dismissed.

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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts

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