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Title: Pontoons and Glaciers
Post by: LSW on July 18, 2016, 11:07:18 PM
Not a tall tale, but aviation based and maybe worth a smile...

I just had to chuckle recently while downtown at the harbor watching a local tour company launching it's DH3-Otter float planes.

A tourist turned to her husband and said "I know why they have pontoons... so they can land on the glacier!"

Her husband considered this and then agreed, "I think you are right about that darling."

Now tourists here are known for some really creative questions like get off a Cruise ship, look at the mountains and ask what elevation we are at. Or ask Alaskans if we take US currency or need visas to work here.

Not everyone knows aircraft, especially if you are not from a water area with lots of float planes. But to watch float planes land and take off from water and decide floats are for landing on glaciers... and best was her husband looking at her with a "I have no idea and that just does not sound right... but I will not tell her that" and then agree with her was classic. Naturally the face he made while thinking all this was while her back was to him.