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Title: Membership Code of Conduct
Post by: Pylon on February 09, 2005, 07:12:05 AM
Code of Conduct

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope that your experience here is enjoyable!

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Title: CAPTalk Code of Conduct Reminders
Post by: Pylon on August 09, 2007, 01:22:59 PM
At this time, I feel it has become necessary to remind the CAPTalk community about our standing Code of Conduct (, which has been in effect since our community opened.

Professional decorum has deteriorated on the board in the past few days.  Please remind yourselves that this is a public discussion board.  Members of the community, national headquarters, cadets, parents of cadets, and potential members all regularly browse these boards.  In addition, be cognisant of the professional behaviour expected of CAP members in public.

While open discussion is always something we like to encourage, bashing other members (or any individual for that matter) is not tolerated.  Name-calling, ill-wishing, and other unacceptable behavior will continue to be moderated.

Also please recall that the primary purpose of CAPTalk is a professional resource for CAP members to share information, tips, resources, and ideas.  We are not primarily intended to be a rumor mill or to be the Civil Air Patrol water cooler; Jerry and I would much rather see more discussion along these lines.

Finally, as a good housekeeping reminder, please stay on topic.  If your topic starts to drift, or you develop a new topic you'd like to discuss, please create a separate, appropriately-titled thread.  This not only keeps things tidy, but helps build a well-labeled archive of discussions for current and future reference.  Remember to search for recent threads on a topic before you start one to see if the idea has already been under discussion in an existing thread.

Thank you all for your cooperation and your contributions to CAP and the CAP community.