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Membership / Re: CAP Cadet Program versus B...
Last post by TheSkyHornet - Yesterday at 04:19:26 pm
^ Recruit the program you offer, not the program you want.
Membership / Re: Key Traits for SM Programs
Last post by TheSkyHornet - Yesterday at 04:17:21 pm
Quote from: Fester on Yesterday at 06:40:08 am
Quote from: etodd on February 17, 2020, 05:17:15 pmSome Seniors may want to do all the above.  But many just want to find their niche, and try to excel at the job they like.  Cadets have a tract to follow, which encompasses many areas of exposure for them. The Seniors have jobs. Many just want to keep it simple. Just wear their polo, be a AP, MP PAO, etc., and don't care about rising up to be Commander one day.

Sounds like all of that is "I like the status quo and don't want to learn and grow."  Which leads to complacency. 

A number of senior members are comfortably complacent and want to stay in a niche area for the duration of their time in CAP. There are pilots who want to do nothing but fly O-Flights; no command duties or involvement in non-flying activities. There are ground team members that solely want to stomp dirt. There are aerospace officers who just want to teach AE labs.

Seniors are not bound by constraints of how much they want to get involved in. Cadets, however, have contact hours that must be met in their prescribed areas: aerospace, leadership, fitness, and character. Within the leadership program element, it includes drill and uniform wear. This is a direct driver to the key cadet life trait regarding wear of the uniform.

The Key Traits of Cadet Life are complementary to the Program Elements of the Cadet Program.

So the Key Traits of Senior Membership should be complementary to the Program Elements of the "Senior Program." The issue in this is that there is no Senior Program.
Membership / Re: CAP Cadet Program versus B...
Last post by 1st Lt Thompson - Yesterday at 04:00:47 pm
My brother is heavily involved as a Troop leader for BSA, started in first grade and went through Eagle. I started in first grade and only stuck it out a year or two, but did Army JROTC for 3 years and CAP for 5 as a Cadet. BSA now starts at age 5 (Kindergarten) with Lions, so by the time kids get to be old enough for CAP they have been a part of BSA for 7 years. If they are the type of high speed members who will possibly push for Spaatz one day, they will more than likely stay in the program they have already dedicated years to and push for Eagle instead. BSA is much more laid back and doesn't have the military discipline, drill, pt, written tests and powerpoint presentations.

We will always be a niche organization, and a very small demographic will want to join CAP. As others have said, retention is where we need to focus our energy. Bring Cadets in with a reasonable expectation of what their first year will look like as a CAP Cadet, and then follow through to ensure it looks as close as possible to what is being promised. If you promise plenty of ES activities during recruiting, but your Squadron doesn't do ES activities, have a plan in place to get the Cadets to some training. If you promise lots of flight time but don't have access to a plane, partner with another Squadron or Group before the recruiting even to make sure there is a plan in place to make it happen. When you promise a high speed, low drag Cadet Program and then give them a year of drill and PT, there shouldn't be a surprise when they don't stay past the first year.

In my experience, BSA does a fair job of delivering on promises, and even small Troops have a decent amount of activities and opportunities, so we need to be doing the same.

Our annual FTX is a practical leadership training weekend where we have different challenge scenarios based around a military-style operational deployment. The intent is to get cadet officers to apply what they have learned up to this point in an officer role; the same for NCOs; the same for airmen.

You walk on sandpaper in those? Surprised by the sole wear in pics.
The Marketplace / Re: Corcoran Mens Black 10-Inc...
Last post by 1st Lt Thompson - Yesterday at 03:20:58 pm
Love my Corcoran's, unfortunately too small for me.
The Marketplace / Corcoran Mens Black 10-Inch Le...
Last post by LATORRECA - Yesterday at 03:11:03 pm
Hey guys I'm selling a pair of Corcoran Mens Black 10-Inch Leather and Cordura Marauder Boots . They are a bit tight form me and I'm getting new ones. The going price is $110 and I got them in $140 plus shipping. I purchase them about a year ago and have used about 6 times. They still like new, no scratches l, scuff marks, rips, nothing. They are size 10D. Any question please let me know.

I will cover the shipping.


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Safety / Re: ORM Basic and Intermediate
Last post by kcebnaes - Yesterday at 02:40:20 pm
I actually just worked on this for my Command Specialty Track, so it's still fresh in my mind.

It's in the new AXIS system. So, go into the Online Learning section, into the LMS, and the link to AXIS should be at the top!
Safety / ORM Basic and Intermediate
Last post by soar - Yesterday at 02:29:06 pm
I didn't know where to post this so I'm putting it here. In order to sign up for encampment as cadet staff, it says that "cadet staff is required to complete the online Operational Risk Management (ORM) Basic and Intermediate Courses." Where on eServices would I find this?
The Marketplace / Re: Looking for old-style ultr...
Last post by McDonald2718 - Yesterday at 02:03:46 pm
message me if you have any
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