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Quote from: Stonewall on September 17, 2020, 06:58:26 pm
Quote from: jeders on September 17, 2020, 06:52:14 pmDoes the person doing the approvals know that Tentpeg is eligible for promotion? In my experience (i.e. every time I forgot to promote a cadet/senior) it's usually because the person who is responsible for submitting the promotion doesn't realize that the cadet is eligible.

However, if the person handling cadet promotions knows that Tentpole is eligible and waiting for promotion, then as Bob said, there should be zero delay and approval should be immediate.

I'm a group commander and spent a few minutes doing some spot checks of the units in my group. I found a lot of these, from two weeks to six months.

That's absolutely obnoxious, and it's lazy on the part of the commander (or designee).

I've seen that with cadets in other units where they "supposedly" promoted but it "hasn't been updated in eServices yet."

"When did you promote?"
"Like three months ago."

The problem is whether or not you're assured that the person actually promoted or if they're being held up for some reason. You sort of have to take their word for it but with a shred of doubt.

My stance is that if you have to be x-grade to hold a post, and you tell me that it just wasn't updated in eServices, then they need to go back to the unit and explain that to the commander. I'm not going to budge just because you're giving me an anecdote.

But to hold someone up for that period of time denies them the credit on their record and makes it so they can't test for the next promotion. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Quote from: Stonewall on September 18, 2020, 12:06:55 pm
Quote from: Capt Thompson on September 18, 2020, 02:11:29 amI'm surprised the Cadets aren't raising a fuss. I had 4 Cadets finish requirements for promotion tonight (all were waiting on CD and drill tests which were complete tonight) and before I could get home and key everything in I had messages from 3 of them asking when they would be promoted in eServices.

Based on my observations, I think the problem is the cadets don't necessarily always know to do this, even if they think to themselves "hmmm, maybe I should let someone know, but who?" I think it's simply a lack of communications, and not on the side of the cadets. A young cadet, 12, 13, or even 15 years old, may not feel comfortable communicating with a senior member.

I had this recently.

"When can I be eligible to promote?"
"We're still waiting on you to turn in your Armstrong essay."
"I emailed it back in August up the chain."

Yeah, found the problem. And you're just asking me a month later what the status is?

Corrected. Misunderstanding. But it's definitely tougher because we're not in person, and with the virtual environment, my inbox has filled up way faster. It's much tougher to stay on top of things without both cadets and senior cadre being vigilant.

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Last post by shuman14 - Yesterday at 02:31:05 pm
Quote from: arajca on Yesterday at 02:14:01 pmSure. CAPR 39-3, Section D, paras 15(D) and (E). Lists the schools by name and does not mention equivalent other service schools.

Thank you!
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Last post by arajca - Yesterday at 02:14:01 pm
Sure. CAPR 39-3, Section D, paras 15(D) and (E). Lists the schools by name and does not mention equivalent other service schools.
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Last post by shuman14 - Yesterday at 01:01:48 pm
Thank you for the quick responses. That's kinda what I thought, but I wanted to be sure.

Can you point me to a Regulation or Instruction that specifically states that?
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Last post by baronet68 - Yesterday at 05:23:48 am
Yes, only the USAF schools.  The original intent was to recognize CAP members who completed advanced USAF courses as CAP members via correspondence course. 
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Last post by ßτε - September 22, 2020, 10:08:59 pm
Only the USAF schools.
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Last post by shuman14 - September 22, 2020, 09:53:06 pm
Question: Are the Stars specifically for attending the USAF Schools or does attending another Services' equivalent Courses count for the Stars?

For example:

Squadron Officer School = Army Captains Career Course = Bronze Star

Air Command and General Staff College = Army Command and General Staff College = Silver Star

Air War College = Army War College = Gold Star

Thanks in advance.
Membership / Re: Promotions
Last post by NovemberWhiskey - September 22, 2020, 04:12:37 pm
OK but section 1.8 says that you need to be qualified for the criteria associated with the promotion method you're using in addition to section 1.6; for a duty performance promotion (which I am guessing this is) that's section 2; and section 2 says various things about exemplary performance, which is presumably the catch-all about which further evidence is being sought.

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Last post by Spam - September 22, 2020, 03:56:59 pm
Another good article on the new fighter program(s) for your AE edification.

The author makes some great points about the differences between demonstrations, prototypes, and production aircraft that are worth a read. The examples he offers are spot on; I've sat in the cockpit of the Tacit Blue B-2 demonstrator and frankly it was mostly off the shelf (for the time) tech, since the capability demo was related to shaping/signature. This fits with the "skunking" approach to drive hard for a prototype (digital or physical) early on, focusing on only the capabilities which need to push the state of the art.

Just as with home improvement - spend the money where it shows and counts! LOL

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Last post by JC004 - September 22, 2020, 03:42:56 pm
Quote from: TheSkyHornet on September 22, 2020, 03:30:15 pmI'm tracking, but I don't agree.

If we didn't care how it was worn, we would have a 154-page PDF explaining uniforms and a 41-page PDF explaining awards.

We shouldn't go in with the mindset of "I don't care, as long as it looks good." I understand not knowing and not checking, so you slap it on the way you think it goes, and then you're corrected later and so you fix it.

Anyway, I think I've said my piece on this topic. I was following it since I'm pending the final approval for a Lifesaving award. I'm curious as to how it's supposed to be worn since this is something I'll be presenting for the first time and never paid much attention to.

I mean people don't care much about the ribbon itself to the point they make "wow" comments, ask for the backstory, or whatever.  It's not like a magic thing, or like seeing a Medal of Honor. 

You would wear the silver star centered (assuming it's not blood/organ transport), and you'd be set for years like I was.  No problem.  Gain a second award, and then you have people with varying ideas about whether they should be clustered close together, and things like that.

My first award was about 20 years ago, so I have some experience with this award. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. But for a single award, it's pretty straightforward. WIWAC, there were no additional attachments authorized. You got to wear the ribbon with the star, and that was the end of it. Don't go saving more people, because then you will have to pay Vanguard more money. Ha. :-)

For the mini medal, you may wear the mini silver star or the full size star. But if you go saving additional people, you will need to wear the full-size regular ribbon star, because there's no such thing as a mini CAP prop clasp. The sizes must match, which is why I just had to change mine to a full size star. All attachments must be the same size.

You want the 3⁄16 inch silver star for the ribbon. You can wear either on the mini medal, but I recommend the 3⁄16 inch so your attachments will always match as required.
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