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Title: Term limits for cadet staff positions?
Post by: dwb on February 21, 2005, 06:36:35 PM
Questions for discussion...

What is the appropriate term of service for a cadet staff member?  Should it vary by position (i.e., cadet commander stays longer than flight commanders)?  Should cadets be rotated through staff positions to allow everyone a chance to lead, or should changes to staff only be made to meet a need?

I've seen a lot of squadrons that do one year terms for cadet commanders.  I don't like set terms like that, because it may be appropriate for a cadet commander (or other staffer) to serve a shorter or longer term depending on circumstances.

That said, I support giving opportunities to anyone willing to step up and accept responsibility.  I don't see these two things (stability in command, and opportunities for new leaders) as necessarily being in direct conflict.

But I'm interested in other comments on the issue.
Title: Re: Term limits for cadet staff positions?
Post by: MIKE on February 21, 2005, 07:56:30 PM
I think it depends on how the squadron handles promotion rates etc...  If rates are inconsistent and you have cadets in grades/phases for longer periods of time, you should maintain cadets in appropriate positions.  If the rates are relatively constant and you have a lot of cadets in each phase with cadets continually moving up you may want to have established terms of office for leadership and staff positions allowing as many cadets as possible experience the greatest possible range of available positions... Particularly when you are dealing with cadet officers and the staff service requirements.  I think an upward rotation works best... Once you are C/CC you should be nearing the end of your cadethood etc.

IMO... If you are going to go with term limits etc, you need to have some sort of documentation for each position you will fill... Who can fill that position (Prerequisites, minimum grades etc.)... Develop appropriate term limits for each position... Obviously you can rotate out Element Leaders, Assistant Element Leaders, some support staff positions a lot more frequently than you would want to with line staff positions for the purpose of continuity of command.

Develop some kind of continuity file for each position that establishes policies and operating instructions that you wish to remain consistent from cadet to cadet who serves in each position... Update it as "best practices" are discovered and applied over time. Allow for cadets to be creative in the way they go about serving in a position, but at the same time set some reasonable limitations that reigns them in a little and again maintains continuity.

Title: Re: Term limits for cadet staff positions?
Post by: Nathan on February 22, 2005, 10:29:39 PM
We have a squadron with too many officers, so we are forced to put a cap on the time a commander serves positions.

However, if there is an officer in a squadron full of airman, then I think that you would want to think twice before throwing him or her out of the position.
Title: Re: Term limits for cadet staff positions?
Post by: Yoda on February 23, 2005, 04:50:22 AM
I think there should be term limits, but not necessarily one's that are set in stone.  I think that the SQ/CC, SQ/DCC, and C/CC should get together and discuss how long they think the positions should be given out for.  I like the one year terms for the C/Command Staff.  1 year isn't bad for flight staff either, though perhaps six months might be more appropriate for Flt/Sgts.  I think a three to six month term as an element leader would be appropriate also.

As for executive staff, I think you should have six-months terms.  This system would allow the people to be adjusted enough to gain experience, but not so much that more time would be spent training than working.