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Title: NCSA Alternate Slotting
Post by: xray328 on October 03, 2017, 04:04:02 PM
Do NCSA's select alternates based on the point system outlined here...

In other words, if there are 25 slots, does number 26 in points get selected if number 25 drops?

We found that with NBB for instance, that wasn't the case. I'm just wondering how other activities are slotted.

Also, in regards to NBB are prior attendees given priority slotting?
Title: Re: NCSA Alternate Slotting
Post by: Offutteer on October 03, 2017, 04:39:22 PM

For cadet staffing, yes, NBB would give priority to those who where there previously.  But for a standard cadet slot, that would be a waste. 

While it would be nice for them to go directly down the list, there are several factors that the AD will look at in deciding which alternate to pick  It's one reason that NHQ doesn't give out alternate position rankings.  Male/Female ratios, wing participation, being close to the activity (driving distance versus flying in on last minute openings).  These are but a few of the things that will go through an AD's mind while they try to select a new primary from the alternates' list. They try to be as fair as possible, but there are forces other than the rankings at play.
Title: Re: NCSA Alternate Slotting
Post by: jeders on October 03, 2017, 06:55:42 PM
I can't respond to NCSAs in general, but I can respond to how alternates are handled in regard to NBB. NBB maintains a short list, that is alternates who have completed all of the pre-requisites for attendance (GES, Ground Handling, IS courses, etc). The more pre-requisites you have completed, the higher up the list you go. When and opening develops, the person handling slotting at NBB notifies the top person on the list; if that person accepts the slot then they're in, else we continue to go down the list. If NBB tries to contact you and you don't respond in a timely manner (days early on, hours to minutes the day before it starts), you get passed over.

Also, if you are selected as a primary for NBB and accept the slot but do not complete ALL of the pre-requisites, you will be dropped.

All of this is laid out multiple times in the activity welcome letter, activity Facebook page, and at the activity website (
Title: Re: NCSA Alternate Slotting
Post by: MSG Mac on October 06, 2017, 01:58:22 PM
I was an alternate for IACE. The day after the deadline for mailing in all the paperwork and money, I was contacted and asked if I was still interested in going. Don't miss your deadlines, fill out all the paperwork.