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Title: GDrive-based Paperless Cadet Uniform Inspection Scorecard
Post by: Eclipse on June 29, 2017, 12:37:54 PM "Make a copy" in order to use it locally and edit the form for your members.

This Google Sheet provides a simple web form for uniform inspections.

Drop-down #1 should be populated from your roster with Last, First - CAPID, same goes for the ""Inspector" drop-down near the end.
If you create a raw text file with that information, you can copy-paste the text into that drop-down instead of manually entering each name.
I found a copy-paste from the "Members Search" screen is the quickest way to generate this list, except that you have to do a little
chopping to get things lined up right.  A .csv or .xls generated out of the reports menu works as well.

There's no "date" field because the system date-stamps each submission automatically upon entry.

This mirrors and eliminates the need for the CAPF 52-30:

The sheet has two worksheets - "Form Responses" which is hidden, that accepts the raw data from the form, and "Totals" which
queries the former and allows for manipulation of the data with conditional formatting and math.  That data can then be used
for wherever it's needed - QOTQ, promotion boards, Form 50 conference, etc.

One entry, everyone has access in real-time.

Form is accessible via any PC or mobile device with a browser, and access can be restricted as the admin sees fit.


I think an IF Function in the "0-fields" would hide them, but haven't tried that yet because it wasn't really important.