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Title: Safety Hibernation
Post by: MovingOnToOtherThings on March 21, 2017, 02:27:19 AM
Well folks it has been fun again for the last couple of months on CAPTalk. I have taken the chance to throw some thoughts and ideas on the forum to see what and how others thought. As expected there was some great feedback. I will once again be taking a hiatus from the forum. I truly enjoy the field of Safety both as a Profession and as a Hobby. Folks may think that Safety is a pain and that my questions, theories, and challenges are silly or stupid and they may all be right....I am just glad they sparked a conversation and that's all one can expect. My goal was reached.

I will still be active in CAP but as the book editor stated "If you have time for that CAPTalk stuff you could work on the book" Point Made Sir!

I hope to be publishing the first book soon (by the end of summer).

I will also be focusing on my sons continued participation and growth as a cadet until he graduates in 2018 as well.

Thanks All it has been fun!

7 Actions 7 Values and the Principled Safety Culture