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Title: RESIST coercive heat control in the cabin ;-)
Post by: Live2Learn on March 09, 2017, 08:09:07 PM

I guess "RESIST" has taken flight.  Solving this frostbit passenger's concern (perhaps he was becoming hypothermic) by turning the Vernier in the cockpit rather than extorting 12 bucks for a blanket seems like a better FIRST action than calling corporate or diverting (how much does it cost per hour to operate that aircraft?).

Of course, I have never jumped from problem solving to the 'red button' - aka "Nuclear Option", and doubtless, neither has anyone else on forum. 

Some of us fly commercial on CAP business, so this post  could be loosely construed as 'relevant'.  But we DO deal with people, so maybe that's the safety message.

 Think before escalating!