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Started by James Shaw, May 15, 2010, 08:33:33 PM

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James Shaw

I have accepted the (Interim) Executive Director's job with the CAPHF. I will do this until the summer national board. The CAPHF will then vote on a permanent director. We will start taking applications for some of the other positions within the foundation. This is completely seperate from CAP and will not interfear with your other CAP work.

I have appointed a few advisors to the foundation and will be working with them on various projects.

Lt. Co. Todd Engelman - Adviser (researcher/archivist). 20 Years of historical collecting and publication.

2nd Lt Kacey Smith SER-GA-153 Adviser (researcher/archivist). Professionally trained Historian through LaGrange College Historical Preservation Project.

We have alot of great work to do agead of us.
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Outstanding.  I'd be willing to help with technology assistance as I am able.


Congratulations Jim!!! Except I am not sure that I know what the Foundation specifically does.
If you get a second - could you explain the differences between the work of the Historical Foundation and Historian(s) on the National Command Staff? I know they are separate but I am not sure what each does. Thanks.
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Outstanding.  I'd be willing to help with technology assistance as I am able.