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Started by AvroArrow, August 25, 2008, 04:31:33 PM

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I would not authorize any cadet to wear his/her uniform to school, just for the heck of it.  To me, it doesn't fall within the guidelines of 39-1.  They're not:

engaged in normal duties as a CAP member or attending local, wing/region, or national CAP functions.

Recruiting for a specified period of time while at school would be ok with me.  Example, you go into school during the lunch period/s.  Your cadets change into their uniform for the lunch period, then change back to civies afterwards.

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Quote from: RiverAux on August 26, 2008, 04:10:42 PM
Obviously so if you are putting up flyers around school, setting up a recruiting table and things of that nature.  Just wearing the uniform though?  I don't think it is mandatory to get administration permissions for that (unless of course there is a school uniform).  I probably would anyway, since I would be trying everything at once rather than just having them wear the uniform one day.

Thats exactly what I am talking about. My SM wearsit to school because we have to have a CAP squadroninthe school after school andhe wore it on meeting days. Like Riveraux says though if they are recruiting then yes,they need to get permission. Butif they are just wearing it (correctly) just to wear it. Maybe they have to leave straight from schol and go to the CAP meeting, or maybe they are wearing to attract attention to get questions about their unit (not an official recruiting activity)

The thing you guys are thinking is that somehow the CAP uniform (or any uniform) is somehow differnet than normal cloths. There is no policy against wearing military style clothing to school (at least not in my area) If a person (non CAP) wants to wear fatigue shirt and pants, there is no rule that sayd he cant. Thats the point i am trying to make. Probably not saying it correctly though

As for my unit. man, we are so hurting in members. I welcome any effort amongst the cadets we do have


Quote from: flyguy06 on August 26, 2008, 07:41:48 PM
The thing you guys are thinking is that somehow the CAP uniform (or any uniform) is somehow different than normal cloths. There is no policy against wearing military style clothing to school (at least not in my area) If a person (non CAP) wants to wear fatigue shirt and pants, there is no rule that says he cant.

A BDU jacket or trousers, absent of insignia, could be argued as "cloth" - a properly appointed CAP uniform, in any flavor is absolutely not "just cloth".  Regardless, CAP members especially should have more respect for uniform items, and all they represent, then to be wearing them in "knock-around" situations.

Some random high-school sophomore may have no idea what goes with that camo pattern, but we all know better, and that's part of the point of CAP.

As to wearing the uniform to work, its verboten regardless of where you have to go after, unless your private employment is directly related to CAP (such as an in-school CAP program).

Just change in the bathroom before you leave like the rest of the universe.  I encourage my members to be seen in uniform by their employers so that they see activity and will understand better when asking for resources or time off, but not walking in the door at 8am and sitting in BDU's while you update your TPS Reports.

A CAP uniform has no place in private employment.

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I apoligize for the super late reply; thought this topic "disappeared off the map."

now, I'm not sure if I said this before, but just in case, I'll say it again  ;) : The plan is for our trustworthy cadets to go to school in uniform and spark the peers' interests. And, if we can, even set up a whole, official presentation to one (or more) schools for recruitment for our squadron. The reason the presentation may not work is only because a lot of schools might already have everything planned out (which is more likely than not knowing the local schools) and not have any room for an official recruitment presentation.

Now, the reason we'd want to wear our uniforms "for the heck of it" is because (and maybe it IS just a reional thing) just coming in BDUs/SS Blues would get a lot of people curious, and maybe even a handful interested in joining. Pretentious as that is, it's really the only thing that could be done besides a recruitment presetation (once more, knowing the local schools) considering that, I myself, have gone around "stirring peoples' interests" in CAP, all for it become nothing because they either instantly forget about it the next day, or find out that it's a lot more work than doing Boy/Girl scouts in regard to military bearing and code of conduct. But, in theory, coming in uniform for one or two days will possibly hold their interests long enough to come to at least one meeting.

Also, as DC said earlier, it's better to be safe than sorry and have all the pressure directed towards the principal. Now, this just may be an "outsider" opinion as a Californian moving to Kansas/Missouri, but the general attitude and morals of people (especially the adults/parents) of 'round where I live is of a very conservative, traditional kind of feel. What I mean is that, if I were to come to school in uniform without permission, a lot of my peers would tell their parents who would call the school principal immediately and put in a complaint about me wearing an "army uniform" (even if I were the in the servie [dress] uniform) which would follow with the principal warning me not to do it again with a pretty big angry, shaking finger.



I just want to mention I did some recruiting at my old high school: I wore my AF blues...talked to them...gave em some video from gocivilairpatrol.com and they bit! Time to reel em in!!

Nothing fancy, just a professional look, and some visuals and great stories!
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Now that I think about, I was recruited without talking to the cadet I was recruited by.
He got the credit even though I went to a different squadron. Ironically my unit meets where his use to.
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