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May 24, 2018, 11:28:35 PM
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Author Topic: CAP Rank Promotion Challenges - is this typical?  (Read 4099 times)
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« Reply #20 on: March 21, 2017, 09:12:22 AM »

However, the data entry for the Wright Bros, has a place to enter a drill test like the other phase 1 and 2 achievements. Our cadet who just took it didn't remember anything about drill when I asked her after just after completing the test. Also the online test has a 30 minute time limit if I remember correctly.

The drill test for Wright Brothers is a controlled document like other tests.  Your TCO needs to log into
the LMS and access the test online, and destroy it after if he prints it.

The TCO will see it here near the bottom (inaccessible without proper rights):

As noted, the drill score has to be entered manually.

The drill tests for the other Achievements and Milestones are not controlled documents and can be downloaded here:
(We laminated a set of these and use them as-needed, marked dry-erase pen, and then erase them and re-use again.)


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« Reply #21 on: March 21, 2017, 10:39:19 AM »

For a few notes on what I've seen here:

WBA Test has NO time limit. Other milestones are timed to 60 minutes.

WBA Drill test is 20 questions, and is to be done ONLY after a cadet passes the multiple choice portion.

The issue with the "open" drill tests and the only controlled, WBA test is the use of the "Achievement #". If they used the Achievement names instead, the issue would go away, but yes, including a note in the booklet regarding the WBA Test would go a long way as well.
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« Reply #22 on: March 21, 2017, 12:22:57 PM »

Thank you, Eclipse. This is very helpful.
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« Reply #23 on: March 21, 2017, 07:50:35 PM »

The deck shoudl have a page that says "see WB Milestone" for something.

I completely agree.

I had a 17-year-old high school senior C/SMSgt who went for his Achievement 7 drill test. Of course, he ends up taking the Achievement 8 test.

"How did you do on your drill test?"
"I passed it."
"Yeah? What did it test on?"
"It was a parade column.....blah blah blah."
"At what point did you realize you took the wrong test?"
"Crap. I knew it."
"Just now, huh..."
"I thought it was the wrong test. It's not what I studied."
"So why didn't you speak up right then?"
"I figured I studied the wrong material. I still passed though."
"You passed the wrong test...."
"But I passed the higher level test  ;D

Okay, freeze frame. The Achievement 7 drill test is essentially a mixture of a written test and verbal explanation of a Group-level ceremonial formation and a change of command. The Achievement 8 drill test is a physical pass in review. Big differences. You'd know if you were taking the wrong test if you actually read the test.

This is one of those moments when all of the holes in the Swiss Cheese Model started lining up perfectly. Process failure at all levels.
(emphasis mine)
That particular test has been an issue of dissent in my experience...my last squadron had cadets diagram both portions of the test

This is incorrect.

Problem #1 specifically states "diagram."
Problem #2 specifically states that they are to "position the four participants" and "instruct the participants."

It's fine if they have the cadet draw Problem #2, so long as they gather the required participants and instruct them on the performance of the change of command ceremony to demonstrate their knowledge of the material. They cannot be graded based on the drawing.

So far, I have yet to have a cadet pass this drill test in its entirety on the first try. They either didn't study, or they went off tribal knowledge and did not read the actual test answers.
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CAP Talk  |  General Discussion  |  The Lobby  |  Topic: CAP Rank Promotion Challenges - is this typical?

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