Is there a numbered listing of all Gill Robb Wilson awardees?

Started by ascorbate, November 12, 2009, 07:30:09 PM

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Quote from: RiverAux on November 13, 2009, 01:29:42 PM
Much easier to calculate that sort of thing for cadets since their careers are much shorter and you wouldn't have to go back very far to gather the data.  However, when you've got some CAP seniors that have been in for decades it gets much harder to do.

Agreed, and when it comes to comparing the awards, really is an apples to oranges comparison.

As a cadet, you are expected to grow a lot in a maximum of about 8 years (I'd say 5 on average).

Most of the stuff, TIG, leadership tests, AE tests, etc is no different from a lot of senior requirements for PD. But the PT, I think is the real tough part for the Spaatz.

James Shaw

This sounds like a good project for a PAO or Historian. I am doing similar for the SMV and BMV. They should all eventually be put on line for members to see.
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Cecil DP

I can't believe that PD doesn't have that information, because they are the one's who are responsible for processing and assigning the numbers.
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There's a lot of information stored in olde paper records somewhere at NHQ. According to phone calls I've made concerning my olde information, and that of others in my unit, NHQ has neither the personnel, nor the time to do research themselves, and apparently not trust in outsiders to accomplish this.

I would certainly be willing to spend a couple of weeks at Maxwell digging out information, but it would be a drop in the bucket.
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Quote from: Cecil DP on November 14, 2009, 01:55:10 AM
I can't believe that PD doesn't have that information, because they are the one's who are responsible for processing and assigning the numbers.

It does seem amazing that CAP NHQ doesn't have a running list somewhere!

Even more incredible is that apparently there are old paper records that are sitting around somewhere deteriorating... doesn' t make a lot of sense!

Why not allow a group of dedicated CAP volunteers to peruse this stuff while it still can be sifted thru?
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In NER currently there are about 220 GRW awardees of about 4000 non-cadet members, or 5.5% of senior members have earned the GRW award.

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I read in a thread by AlphaSigOU that his Wilson award was numbered 2901. 

AlphaSigOU thread started in Dec 2011.  I have read in the awards section on the National Headquarter site that there has some Wilsons awarded since then.

I was wondering what number is CAP currently at?


Since every GRW member has their number listed under their Senior Training Record in E-services. It would seem plausible that at least the current members and their numbers can be ascertained.
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One problem.  There were two different numbering systems.  My first GRW was # 104. Then they chaged the requirements for the GRW and I "re-earned" it with the number 19.  When I spoke to NHQ several years ago, they told me there were five members that earned the GRW undr BOTH systems. So for example there may be two different people holding GRW # 50.
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