CAP Heritage Flight - Where are the L-4As?

Started by stevetupper, May 30, 2006, 03:44:06 PM

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Yeah, if you guys wanna go ahead and get this all cleared, I'll be glad to fly one of the birds. See if you can get National to put me and some other pilots through a formation flying school. Kinda like the FITS training in Kansas, only more fun.

I think kabosh the 172 though, we're going to all 182's anyway, might as well let the public know. Probably should ditch the Maule too, but, they're fun.

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I think it's a great idea as well.  Good luck.
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I think you'll find L-4's few and far between. I only know of one, and it IS owned by a CAP member at Keystone Heights, FL. Looking in Trade-A-Plane I find no L-4's, just an L-5 with a radial engine (CAP never flew an L-5 with a radial).
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You might want to include, BT-13, AT-6, L-17, L-5, L-19, Ryan SCW, Fairchild 24, Stinson Reliant, Stinson Trimotor, Stinson 10A, Aeronca Chief, Stinson Voyager, Waco UIC, Grumman Widgeon, T-34, C-182 and the Gippsland GA-8.


Quote from: NIN on May 31, 2006, 01:06:57 PM
But, I mean, if you're gonna do this, do it whole hog and get the air-to-air visuals for recruiting, marketing and historical purposes. 

Air-to-air photography of CAP planes has been done before apparently (see the main photo at the National HQ Site) and fairly recently.  This would've required "formation" flying with the photo ship, so apparently it can be done leagally somehow.  And yeah, I think National/PA would like the idea.
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