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Started by Smithsonia, May 26, 2009, 03:45:25 PM

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I am looking for any CAP information on Archibald Edward Campbell. I think he'd be a WW2 or just post WW2 pilot. My resources aren't getting me where I need to go. Some help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Archibald Campbell was a WW2 transport pilot. (C-47s mostly) He has now passed on. His family thinks he was in CAP. I'm trying to find verification and some details of his CAP service. I can't find him in the WW2 CAP pilot registry. That is a pretty complete list. At least I think so.

So I'm thinking he might have joined up after the War. If he's in that bad spot of joining post War - 1945 to 1948, or early '49 -- Well those records are at best, tough to find. So I'm putting the word out. I'm not even sure at this point in which Wing he served -- BUT, Archibald E. or Archibald Edward Campbell should be easy enough to track, provided the records still exist.

Let me know. It's for a family... but if he's the right guy... it may be important to the Patrol.

I am working on a large project regarding a less discussed, and even unknown topic. It is the intersection of CAP Courier Service, Los Alamos National Labs, the Second Air Force Command Headquarters (at that time in Colorado Springs) and The Bomb!

After the War there was a special logistics Squadron set up just for all nuclear work... but during the War some of the courier flights ran the Wichita, Omaha, Wendover, Colorado Springs, Seattle/Hanford WA. Route. The information they carried was partially about the B-29 development program. BUT -- They might have carried more. Who Knows? That said I am relatively certain we didn't carry plans for the bomb, or real nuclear material... but we might have carried codes, support information, personnel, even highly classified documents... but right now and about this... I am just guessing.

I do know there were CAP crews who were brought back into the Army as Civilian Contractors after the War and those folks flew logistics for what would become the Atomic Energy Commision. BUT this gets rumor mongeringly goofy after that.

This guy might be a tangential character in that story. This is a big puzzle that unravels but just a little at a time... so don't quote me on any of it until I do a lot more research.
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Ed, the name Archie Campbell rings a bell.  He may have been in CAP in the 50's in the West Palm Beach area.  As I said before, my father was the Squadron Commander at the Lantana-Lake Worth Squadron  back in that time frame.  He also flew as a civilian pilot/Engineer (GS-13) for the Air Force, something to do with the radar sites that were being built in South America in the 50's, so he might have known him from there as well.  Hope that little bit helps.  The 1370th PMG had something going around that time in the area as well, but their website (http://www.1370th.com/1370PMG/1370thpmg.html) appears to have been shut down.  You might try and get a hold of Owen Gassaway, He's the only one I know of from that era who is still around.  My brother-in-law passed on last year, and my father passed in 1976, so I'm only going on some pretty old memories.
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Thanks Al... all information is appreciated. This could either be big... untraceable, or a complete
goose chase. BUT, it is worth a bit of chasing.

This was doing lots of hush-hush logistical support. And the double hush keeps it out of easy websearch access.

Please! Anyone with a good idea, let's take a look at it.

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