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Started by James Shaw, May 24, 2006, 04:45:25 PM

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James Shaw

I traded emails with a retired US Navy Captain who now  lives in Germany a few months ago. He is actually part of a professional study group that has been tracking these u-boat sinking for quite some time. He said that there was a U-Boat found pretty close to the area where CAP sunk theres. When they found the sub it was discovered that the hull number and identification numbers were made after the CAP sinking. Alot of the same information can be read out of a book called Shadow Divers. They actually had a CAP person on the salvage crew as part of the research group. He is mentioned in the book several times.
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Quote from: JohnKachenmeister on May 21, 2007, 04:25:29 PMPerhaps I can help you with that understanding.

That is a great story! Almost seemed like one of those "too good to be true" e-mails that start off as fiction and work their way to becoming urban legend. There are far too few of these types of Black heroes alive today -- too much emphasis on vulgar "artists" and ignorant sports figures. And unfortunately, most of the kids like in this story believe that if you are respectful to people, productive in society, and see a home and family as being successful -- well, you just aren't Black anymore. The thug-life "culture" is killing off the hard work and hard suffering that men and women like J.D. and his ansestors have gone through in the last 150 years.

I have two in-laws that come from an Army Aviation unit -- no clue which -- that trace their unit linage back to the "Buffalo Soldiers" of the Civil War... THAT is pretty high speed!

Finally, you've probably all seen this Civil Air Patrol patch from the 99th Pursuit Composite Squadron in Nebraska Wing. One of the founding members of the fairly "urban" unit was a Tuskegee Airman. The unit's name and patch design are officially authorized and recognised by the Tuskegee Airman association group. There's more history about the squadron on their website (Google it)...

Thank you, Kach, and all for this enlightened conversation of Civil Air Patrol and Military history.

- Ace

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Question and sorry if someone already answered it, was the 2007 McGuire AFB Expo the largest CAP activity in history.  There were at least 1100 CAP members there with about 300 non CAP members supporting the airshow. 


Quote from: BillB on May 26, 2006, 11:51:11 PM
The original CAP HQ was in the Office of Civilian Defense on Park New York City. It moved from there to Bolling AFB, then to Ellengton, and finally to Maxwell.
Would you have an address of the NHQ on Park Avenue in New York?

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In June 1943, National Headquarters was moved to 500 Fifth Avenue in New York City from Washington, DC.  In April 1945, National HQ was moved to Fort Worth, TX.

(Source: Neprud, Flying Minute Men, p142, p218)
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The Palm Beach Post has an article from this weekend describing a movie made regarding the operations of Coastal Patrol Base 3 in Lantana, Florida.  Apparently the local historical society made a 56-minute movie interviewing some subchasers and relatives.  The link is below.  I'm ordering my copy today....
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Is Charles Weeks any relation to Kermit Weeks?  Kermit Weeks owns the "Fantasy of Flight" museum in Polk City, FL.
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Possibly, but I don't think so.  Kermit Weeks' parents are Reverend Marta Weeks and L. Austin Weeks.  They are large benefactors to UofMiami, providing $8 million recently for new music library.

Kermit Weeks' grandfather apparently got royalty commissions to Australia's biggest oil field...

After WWII, Charles Weeks Jr. was a corporate pilot for his career.

Ohh to have that many beautiful planes to fly.....(or even one!)
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